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Topic: Delta 1010's MIDI ports gives audible tics?

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    Delta 1010's MIDI ports gives audible ticks?

    I bought a new computer together with a new sound card.

    Here's the problem:

    The led is flickering (pulsing) when I connect the MIDI out from my YAMAHA es8 to the MIDI in of the Delta 1010. It's flickering at a speed of 240 beats per minute. The thing that worries me is that the flickering is audible through my audio system. The 1010 audio outputs pick them up! I hear ticks going synchronous with the pulsing 'MIDI IN' led.
    I never had this problem with my previous set-up, which was an Aarkvark and a MOTU MIDI-Flyer (altough I remember the MIDI-Flyer flickered also with every keyboard it was hooked up to).

    Is there anyone who knows what might be the problem?


    Alex Cremers

    PS: If I play on my keyboard I can also hear it ticking.

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    Re: Delta 1010's MIDI ports gives audible tics?

    I have a Delta 1010 also.

    That light should NOT be flickering unless your sequencer is in play,
    or your keyboard controller is sending some sort of message,
    perhaps unbenounced to you.
    I had a keyboard do that to me one time.

    Thats the only thing it could be, unless you simply got a lemon.
    For what its worth, the Delta has run perfect for me, for a few years now.


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    Re: Delta 1010's MIDI ports gives audible tics?

    Is your Yamaha putting out a MIDI clock or something?

    A bit ago Bruce Richardson had written about the Fata keyboards having dither that puts out a continuous stream of unneeded MIDI data. I could be something like that as well.


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    Re: Delta 1010's MIDI ports gives audible tics?

    Thanks fellas but it's not the YAMAHA es8 causing the trouble. I just hooked up a Roland piano (instead of the es8) with the Delta MIDI in and out ports. Same story. The pulsing is exactly identical.

    Jon, if I switch the es8's 'Clock Out' to "on" the clicking or pulsing is so fast that it becomes a "hum".

    There are also tick noises when I press a key on my controller. One tick for MIDI ON and one tick for MIDI OFF. In other words, there's a lot of ticking going on.

    I also hear strange electronic sounds when I move my mouse. Even when I do nothing and I raise the volume of my headphones I can hear electric rhythmic noises.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Delta 1010's MIDI ports gives audible tics?

    Hello Delta users,

    Can someone with the new Delta driver tell me how the version is called in the Device Manager under Sound, Video and Game Controllers? Mine says ''. I would think it's named ?!


    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Delta 1010's MIDI ports gives audible tics?


    It sounds like you have a serrious EMI problem. There are a few typical causes: a bad connection, close proximity or an ungrounded shield.

    It's possible that there's a bad connection (possibly a ground) in your power-supply, motherboard or soundcard. It's hard to know which. Try re-seating all of your connectors. If that doesn't fix it, try putting some light pressure on various parts of the circuit boards while your system is making its noise. That may make a more solid connection, and could help you track down the culprit.

    Regarding proximity, move your soundcard to the end slot and make sure that all wires are routed away from the Delta.

    Regarding shields, make a visual inspection to see if any exist on the Delta. I doubt that any do. They're typically used on TV tuners and such, but rarely on audio cards.

    My hunch is that you have a cold solder joint someplace on the Delta card. A longshot would be that your power supply is too weak for the PC. I doubt that the power supply is to blame though.

    Best of luck!


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    Re: Delta 1010's MIDI ports gives audible tics?

    I found it! You were pretty close, Jon. It was the grounding! I used a splicer thingie that creates three outlets out of one and plugged my PC in one of the outlets. The strange noises and ticks are gone. The trick is that those old antiques don't have a grounding plug. The MIDI IN light is still flickering but it's without sound now. It costed me two full days. A few moments before I found the solution I already packed everything neatly in the box to return it to the shop. It's a good thing I decided to give it one more shot.

    Thanks everyone!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Delta 1010's MIDI ports gives audible tics?

    The flickering of your LED is probably due to MIDI 'Active Sensing' data from your es8. You could install MIDI OX and verify if this is indeed the case. Or even better, consult your es8 manual and see if there's a way to turn Active Sensing off.

    Active Sensing is part of the MIDI spec whereby controllers are supposed to send "dummy" data when there's no other MIDI traffic to send. Theoretically this allows the host to sense a disconnected MIDI cable (from lack of any inbound MIDI data over a certain time), and shut down any notes still on from that MIDI port. In practice, I've seen few systems that actually support this. Indeed, this may not even be the behavior you want.

    Delta 1010s have a known problem (internal crosstalk?) whereby MIDI input _can_ cause audio noise, but the noise is pretty low. It _might_ be a problem for playing live if your audio levels are seriously out of whack. But it's generally no big deal in the studio, where you usually don't have MIDI coming in while doing your final mixing. Audio from the 1010 is fine when there's no MIDI going on at the same time.

    Best Regards,

    - Steve

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    Re: Delta 1010's MIDI ports gives audible tics?

    Thanks for the further info, Steve. I haven't checked the es8 manual yet but I know it was not any different with my previous system which had a Roland JV90 connected to a parralel MIDI interface. Is the JV90 known for transmitting "dummy" data?

    Alex Cremers

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