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Topic: GPO > GPO Advanced...upgrade pricing?

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    GPO > GPO Advanced...upgrade pricing?


    I'm certainly very interested in getting GPO Advanced, with those new horns and non-vibrato strings I'll finally have something I've always wanted.

    I already own GPO, so I'm thinking there may be some sort of upgrade path. I bought my GPO in July last year, not sure if that would make any difference to the upgrade price, but I hear a lot of companies saying "if you purchased product X after such and such a date you'll get the upgrade $100 cheaper...blah blah blah."

    I'm assuming the upgrade from GPO to GPO Advanced would be the difference in the prices of both.

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    Re: GPO > GPO Advanced...upgrade pricing?

    I would assume the same thing. The other way would allienate a lot of people.

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