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Topic: Fast passages with Gold

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    Fast passages with Gold

    I've started to use the EWQLSO Gold recently and I'm finding it hard to play fast passages with the Strings.

    Would you guys like to share what patches/techniques do you use to play the fast passages with Strings.


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    Re: Fast passages with Gold

    sus accent mod

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    Re: Fast passages with Gold

    Thanks Nick, it works great. I wonder how I kept missing it while I tried the different patches.

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    Re: Fast passages with Gold

    I also like the martele patches for vlns, vlas, celli and basses. Really tight and effective.

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    Re: Fast passages with Gold

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Phoenix
    sus accent mod
    Right from the horse's mouth. In 12 minutes.

    This place is awesome.

    - Stefan

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    Re: Fast passages with Gold

    ain't it?

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    Re: Fast passages with Gold

    To All Developers:

    This is the sort of question that should be answered on page 7 of the manual.

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