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Topic: Saving Large files

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    Saving Large files

    I'm curious if anyone has any ideas on how to save very large files across multiple DVDs? Retrospect is letting me burn multiple DVD's for the files, but it's not recalling the data very accurately. I really just want to be able to save the file and have something create an installer or something that I could double click and it would say "insert DVD 2 now" kind of thing. Any ideas?


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    Re: Saving Large files

    If you could stand the compression time, WinRAR does a fine job of spanning. Just give it a filesize and let it run. Most of the major archivers out there can do that.
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    Re: Saving Large files

    You could use winrar. It's basically like winzip, but it gives the option of breaking the compressed file into multiple parts. It might be sort of inconvenient though, because you'd have go through compressing before you burn them, and de-compressing to re-open them. It's one possibility though. Maybe someone will know of an easier way.

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    Re: Saving Large files

    What about stuff it? I'm on Mac OSX.

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