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Topic: Bach and Melody

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    Bach and Melody

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    What always amazes me when i listen to a Bach fugue is the control of all the melodies, most composers find it difficult just to control one part let alone the spider like web of parts that he had under his control.
    Species Counterpoint has a lot to say for itself

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    Re: Bach and Melody

    Bach's counterpoint is so highly personal that it really stands completely alone. His rhythmic sense is what seems to illude everyone else (much as Beethoven's does in a more homophonic setting.) And his melodic approach (as exemplified in his keyboard works) hasn't even been remotely approached or even copied well.

    Lot's of composers can and have written beautiful counterpoint but not with the range, vigor, and mastery of the greatest countrapuntist of them all.


    PS And I thought my earlier post mentioning species counterpoint had to be the only one this day or even in many days. But how could I not use the term in a thread concerning Darwin. Stupid Republican Stereotypes Funny how musical and scientific terms intermingle (even in an ugly word like stereotype.)

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