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Topic: SConverter in GS3 Orchestra

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    SConverter in GS3 Orchestra

    Hello everyone!

    I sent this query through to Tascam a few days ago, but have yet to receive any word from them on it...

    Can I ask the collective brain trust here for input instead? Thanks!

    Here's what I wrote:

    "The manual makes very little reference to how SConverter is supposed to work - it is extremely lacking in this area. I _gather_ that I should insert a CD, and then be able to open it from within the Loader pane; is this the method? In any case, when I try this, the centre panel of the Loader pane suggests that there is no CD in the drive, or it is not a valid Akai CD - despite a valid Akai CD being there! I have tried several different CDs, but to no avail. Can you suggest how I might resolve this please? Many thanks."

    Any suggestions?!

    Many thanks,

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    Re: SConverter in GS3 Orchestra

    I was doing research on Akai conversions a while ago and found that everyone was having problems with SConverter.

    Once I got my GS3 up and running, I did exactly as you did with the same result - no CD in the drive. Then I double clicked on the icon that represents the CD drive and to my surprise, I'm able to see the contents of the CD. My drive goes from saying E:/ with no description to E:/ Akai S1000 - or something close to that. After that I right clicked on whatever partition I wanted to convert, selected Convert to Giga and I was converting away.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: SConverter in GS3 Orchestra

    Does the SConverter read only Akai S1000/3000? What about Akai S5000?

    Also, what if instead of a CD, you have the akais in a folder?

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