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Topic: Vintaudio C7 question

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    Vintaudio C7 question

    I finally got my Giga3 system working, so I loaded up the Vintaudio C7 DvD's to my system ....The files show up in my directory, but when I load them to play, and I go to select a program to play, one preset or the other will only play with either pedal up, or pedal down ...Only the last preset on each of the
    programs will play with pedal up, and pedal down ... I put ALL my impulse files in the "common" folder within the Tascam folder as there were other files in the "common" folder that were very similar to the Vintaudio Impulse files...When I looked in the "bin" folder (Tascam) the files looked nothing at all like the ones that were in the Vintaudio Impulse files, so I loaded them into the "common" (Tascam) file.... I realize that the instructions say to load the Impulse files into the "bin" (Tascam) file, but I did NOT do that ....Is this my error, or is there another problem that I have overlooked ?..I have to read my manual again to see how to figure out what is actually loaded , and what's not ....Thanks in advance to all for your help....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Vintaudio C7 question

    As written in bold and caps locks in the read me file that's on both DVDs, you need to load the included .GSP files for the presets to load correctly


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    Re: Vintaudio C7 question

    Sorry, I'm new to PC , and also very new to Giga, and thought that these files loaded WITH the program...I am not familiar with how to load the GSP's seperately....Please send me a PM and advise on how to do this...Like I said , I'm not that familiar with GS yet ....Sorry....Thanks for your patience...Jim

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    Re: Vintaudio C7 question

    Hi Jim,

    It's really simple. Type *.gsp in the quicksound search box, and it will display all of the GSP files. Navigate to your Vintaudio folder and they'll show right up. Double click one and it loads.



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    Re: Vintaudio C7 question

    I thought that's how it was done, and I tried to double click on one of the GSP's in the section you mentioned after doing a gsp search, and I got a GS error message....I tried another gsp file, and got the same GS error message..
    I'm not sure what's up with these but they say that I should send the error to Tascam ??.....I can't catch a break ....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: Vintaudio C7 question

    How many "Ambient" gsp's do you have in your system .....When I do a gsp search on my system, it shows to have 15 gsp's for "Ambient" alone....Is this what I'm suppose to have ?.....Which one am I suppose to load ?....Thanks again for your help....Sincerely, Jim

    BTW..I just counted and I have 15 gsp's for each on the Players Perspective, The Closed Mic, and the Ambient gsp's.....I'not sure if this is right or not

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    Re: Vintaudio C7 question

    I'm not at my system right now, so I can't check the ambient deal.

    Regarding the error, you likely have a problem with your GigaPulse setup.

    Check the path of your Impulse files, and make sure that the impulses from the C7 are in one of those folders.

    My setup didn't include the ...\bin\ folder, so I added it to the Giga setup screen. I then copied the Vintaudio impulses to that ...\bin\folder. It worked as promised.

    Oh yeah, you have to go into GigaPulse and update the folders or something like that. Then, when you look at your impulses, you will see the Vintaudio stuff.


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    Re: Vintaudio C7 question

    Could anybody that has the Vintaudio C7 loaded in thier machine, please check their .gsp folder in the Quicksound area, and please tell me how many files they have for the Player Perspective, Ambient, and Close Mic catagory's ? I have 15 files for each ....Please let me know how many you have...I'm trying to make sure that I have everything in my machine loaded properly...I am unable to get ANY of the .gsp files loaded by double clicking ....I am continually getting an error message that Microsoft want's me to send to them....I'm sure that someone here knows why I'm getting this error message as I probably don't have something loaded properly....Please help....Thanks to all for your time ....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Vintaudio C7 question

    You can (or should be able to) load the .gsp file by clicking the "open file" folder on the toolbar at the top of GS3.

    There are many .gsp files for the C7 because each of the three mic perspectives has different "packages" which can reduce the load on your computer if the full package (with samples for each key and full ambience) is too much for your computer to handle, or you need to use the piano with other .gigs.

    Read the readme file for complete explainations of the different versiions.

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    Re: Vintaudio C7 question

    Also, please make sure you have updated GS3 to the latest version
    Btw, yes there are 15 presets for each perspective


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