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Topic: GS2 updates

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    GS2 updates

    After many years running GS2 on a Windows 98 computer, I finally upgraded to a new PIV computer with Windows XP. Unfortunately, after spending all that money on a new computer, it's going to be awhile before I can afford to move up to GS3. So, I need to install GS2 on the new computer, and then update it. I went to the Tascam website and found the updates for GS2, but it is not clear in what sequence the patches need to be installed. Do I install GS2 from the CD, then skip the patches prior to 2.5, then install 2.5, and then move up to the last 2.5+ patch, skipping the patches between 2.5 and the last 2.5+ patch?


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    Re: GS2 updates

    My recollection is that the 2.50.48 version is the earliest version that'll install cleanly on an XP machine. If your CD is earlier, you'll need to download it unless you still have it around somewhere. Once you get 2.50 installed you can then apply the latest 2.54 update. You may have to call Tascam customer support for download codes or activation.


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    Re: GS2 updates

    GigaStudio Version 2.50.48 is the first version that can run on Windows XP.

    However, the most current version (v 2.54.00) is a "full" version, so you can download it only and install it.

    You may have to contact Tascam so they can provide you with a "Download Code". I went through this same process since my disks were v2.0 (and therefore would not install in Windows XP).



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    Re: GS2 updates

    Thanks for the info guys. I'll contact Tascam to get the codes I need.


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