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Topic: audio capture within GS3: what's wrong?

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    Thumbs down audio capture within GS3: what's wrong?

    Hi everybody
    I 'm not able to have any "good" audio capture from my GS3. I get sound only on the left canal, and of course it's a terrible sound. What could be wrong? Are they any settings to do, which are supposed to be in the manuals?
    My audio card: ESI wave terminal + athlon66 3400
    I forgot to say that I can capture audio from CUBASE or cooledit with GS3 but not directly from GS3, as I used to do with GS2.5.
    Hearing from you soon,

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    Re: audio capture within GS3: what's wrong?

    I am also using an ESI card (WaMi Rack 24) and I have exactly the same problem with audio capture. I seem to remember other users of ESI cards reporting similar problems. I have also read on this board that ESI are now working on new GSIF2 drivers which hopefully will provide a solution, but this may take some time. In the meantime, I am recording audio using the SPDIF terminal to another computer. I am also considering trying out a different audio card.

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    Re: audio capture within GS3: what's wrong?

    For me, audio capture only works when gigastudio 3 and the audio card are both set for 44.1 Khz. Never knew whether this is because of the audio card (m-audio audiophile 2496) or a defect in gigastudio 3. I think that I had the same problem in gigastudio 2.5, as well. When trying to record at 88.2, the sound is distorted and very scratchy, unusable. Solution for me is to avoid using the audio capture, or if required, to reset the sample rates.

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