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Topic: Kyrie

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    Kyrie (Malmsjo, VOTA, GOS, Stylus, etc. Demo)

    I just uploaded a new song that I made for an independent short film late last year and I just want to share it with you guys. I used quite a number of libs so now I don't know where to post this message.

    Anyway, here it is: Kyrie

    Sounds I used:
    Piano: Art Vista Malmsjo (giga)
    Electric piano and Bass: Kontakt
    Percussions: Stylus and Percussive Adventures LE
    Pads: Atmosphere and Kontakt sounds
    Choir: VOTA
    Strings: GOS

    The film's title is "A2B" by a budding Canadian director/writer Chad Costen and this specific track was used at the end credits.

    Let me know what you think! Thanks!
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    Re: Kyrie


    I really like it. The word building could be a bit better, but the rest sounds really good.

    In the word building of "kyrie" I can't hear the "r" consonants. The "eleison"-s sound could, and Christe too. I would make the whole Choir a bit louder and let the consonants be more realisable.
    But all in all it sounds very impressive and good.

    Great work! Make it longer! Too minutes are not enought of this kind of music .

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    Re: Kyrie


    I really wished I could make the piece longer, but two minutes is all I needed for the credits. I think I'm going to expand on this material though.

    This post came at the wrong time though, after seeing the new EWQLSC video. Can't wait for the release!

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    Re: Kyrie

    Tried bringing out the choir level and the consonants a bit more. Please let me know if the balance is ok from your monitors. Thanks again for your comments!


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    Re: Kyrie


    Sounds Great. The balance is ok now. What I still don't like is the firs Kyrie, the rest is ok. The first one sounds like "kir-je". I think it would be better, if it would sound like "kir-i-e". Give a little more accent to the "r" (it should be a rolling r (I don't know, whether you can say this in english)) and second "i". The rest sounds very good, and the comosition is great.

    I'd love to hear more!


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