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Topic: Hey Midphase!

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    Talking Hey Midphase!

    Please give a warning to unsuspecting readers/coffee drinkers that your VI avatar may cause unnecessary coffee spill too close to a mixing console!!

    "I gotta have more cowbell babies!"
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Hey Midphase!

    If you listen hard enough, you can "almost" hear it!

    ....now I have that darn B.O.C. song stuck in my head again

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    Talking Re: Hey Midphase!

    Hey Frank quit playing that darn cowbell and get on with producing Giovani
    you know we are gagging for it

    or is this cowbell thing the effect Giovani production is having on you .......
    like some kind of release or something

    BTW don't your arms ache by now !

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