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Topic: OT: BMI royalty question

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    OT: BMI royalty question

    I know this should go into the OT section, but I know more people check this area.
    I composed an orchestral piece for Network Music exactly 1 year ago called 'New Day Rising' and the stock library CD labeled "Human Drama" came out around the end of February 2004. Does anyone know how long it could take before I see any writers royalties if the song was used? I know for a fact that one local guy in my town used it in a hurricane documentary, so I know it has been used. Any insight on this would be great.


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    Re: OT: BMI royalty question

    It's usually 6 months after the end of the current quarter to get paid royalties, assuming that the correct cue sheets were filed and the performance was on a station that they survey.

    Hope that helps...

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    Re: OT: BMI royalty question

    to add to that as well...if it is your first royalty check you are expecting, it can take even longer...up to a year for BMI to get it to you. You can call them and see if the correct paperwork was filed for the show your music was used in.
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    Re: OT: BMI royalty question

    Thanks for the info guys

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