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Topic: Need help with Boot drive issue

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    Need help with Boot drive issue

    I have a P4 C800 deluxe mobo, and i'm running it with 2 WD SATA hard drives,
    1 Maxtor IDE, and a Plextor CD writer/reader.

    When i turn my computer on, it sometimes wont boot in to windows.
    It tells me to replace the system disk.
    So i have to go into the Bios, in wich i find that for some reason,
    its trying to boot from the Plextor.
    I simply change the Boot drive to my C drive(wich is
    the first WD drive), and it boots fine. When i do this, i am
    hitting F10 / save changes and exit.

    Anybody know why the computer keeps choosing to boot
    from the wrong drive?

    BTW, It booted fine for months, and then started to do this recently,
    seemingly out of the blue.
    I havent touched or moved it. It runs perfectly, once it boots

    Thanks for any info, much appreciated.

    Todd K

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    Re: Need help with Boot drive issue

    Thanks for all the great info....

    Much appreciated. Now i know where not to ask.


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    Re: Need help with Boot drive issue

    Is there any chance you have an operating system on the other hard drive too? If so, your computer may be waiting for a command to seek one or the other hard drive's operating sytem.

    What about your cables? Do you have a cable select option? Could that be throwing things off? Is the boot drive connected to the master end of the cable?

    Let me know if any of this helps.

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    Re: Need help with Boot drive issue

    Thanks Marko,

    Sorry about my impatient post. I think you may be on to
    something with the cables.

    I'm gonna try switching some things around today. I'll report

    Thank you!

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    Re: Need help with Boot drive issue


    You were right. I had to change the order of the IDE chain.
    Instead of the Plextor, it should have been my F drive first.

    I dont know why it didnt affect anything at first. I think i
    may need a Bios update as well. But i need to install a floppy
    drive for that. Something i didnt think i'd need, but it looks
    like they're still good to have around here
    and there. LOL


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    Re: Need help with Boot drive issue


    The other related item I forgot to mention concerns the little jumper pins on the hard drive itself. You may need to put the little plug on the appropriate pins. If your BIOS has cable select, you may not need to do this.

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    Re: Need help with Boot drive issue

    Ah ha ! Very good!

    Thanks again Marko, you steered my right there amigo!

    Much appreciated!


    Here's a clip if you're game for a listen.


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    Re: Need help with Boot drive issue

    That's a very nice piece. It is exciting and certainly evocative of a high seas adventure.

    Thanks for posting it.


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