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Topic: Working with Sectional Strings

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    Question Lilting Strings

    It is a little embarassing to be posting my beginning efforts with all of the excellent contest entries being shared recently, but here goes...

    Here is another experiment to help me get better at GPO and composition. I am working with the sectional strings in this snippet - very little woodwinds except to reinforce the melody. Comments on the mix/balance of the strings are welcomed.

    Lilting Strings (Experiment)

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    Re: Lilting Strings

    You're off to a good start PlayingAround. Don't be embarrassed as we all have to start somewhere. Try experimenting with the mod wheel to shape the melody. It takes practice but the results are worth it. Also, try putting some more bootom (basses/cello) on the bottom end to balance it out and widen the voicing.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Lilting Strings

    Thanks for the feedback and encouragement Gary. As you can tell by recent postings, your product is really opening up lots of fun for hobbyists like myself who normally couldn't approach this sort of fun. Thanks again for this great product.

    I was running my music through compression (using a mastering preset) to try and "glue" the sound together. That probably wasn't helping the dynamics. I know compression on classical music is not really a good thing, but for some reason I find it takes a bit of the synthesized edge away from the music. Probably this is happening at the cost of expression and musical feel... I've tried some tweaks based on your suggestions.

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