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Topic: The FireGS Fund

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    The FireGS Fund

    Hello all,

    For those of you who have known me for a long time, you know that I am obcessed with music, as you all are. To make this short and brief, I'm broke, and this means no more anything. No more Sound Libs, no music equpiment, nothing!

    If you would like to donate to the FireGS Fund to help out my musical need, I accept Cash, Sound Libs, and referrals for a free iPod.

    In need,

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: The FireGS Fund

    Looked into this Free iPod thing... Not sure I want to give them my information. I get enough spam as it is. How legit is this? Has anyone actually received an iPod from them I wonder.

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    Re: The FireGS Fund

    By the way, why in God's name am I still awake? How about a Matt needs some tranquilizers please Fedex them immediately fund?

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    Re: The FireGS Fund

    JB, its actually VERY legit! Its been sponsored by tons of places, and featured in the New York Time, Forbes, Fox News, CNN, etc.. and My ex GF just goot her iPod two days ago, so i would definatly say its legit.

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: The FireGS Fund

    I find selling out one's personal information for swag to be one step on the road to selling one's soul.

    I find selling one's *friends'* personal infromation for swag (through unfounded claims of assurance and hiding information through guile or just ignorance) to be callous betrayal. Have fun spending your thirty pieces of silver.

    That a company has combined the low-end consumer need for immediate gratification, the fabled "free lunch", short-sighted complicity in far-reaching identity-compromise databases available to the highest bidder, and pyramid and viral marketing is both infinitely frustrating yet oh-so-believable to me.

    So far as calling this "legit", you have an interesting view of the world. Just because something works between the boundary of the law doesn't mean that it's a moral, healthy, or benign system to participate in.

    While this is a "scheme" and not an outright "scam", I'd suggest that the moderators remove reference to this in the original thread. It preys on the uninformed and (unfortunately) the young. Allowing reference to exist here just allows the cancer to spread further: that's how this thing works. I'd rather not give tacit approval to anyone to drop their viral advertising on these boards.

    Hold the line, gentlemen.

    And Fire, please get a PayPal account and start producing some music for people to hear to demonstrate your dedication. That's the honest way to get sponsors to pursue your passion.

    - m
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    Re: The FireGS Fund

    Hey Fire, from what you've indicated in the past you have far more stuff than I do already and I'm twice your age and pro. Don't take this the wrong way but maybe you should sit tight for a couple years and finish school and in the meanwhile think about a thing called a




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    Re: The FireGS Fund

    Fire, if you inventory all your equipment and software, I'm sure you have much more than me. Be thankful for what you have, and just whine occasionally in the chat room, but not too much. What is your goal with music anyway? What can you accomplish with what you have? I'm sure many of us here can't really afford the new libraries that are coming out, using music sampling isn't a cheap hobby (for some reason, none of my hobbies are), and it can all be especially hard when you're a student with no income (and many times a lot of work). But we've already heard some amazing stuff from you, so I don't think it would kill you to continue using what you've got!

    Wow, that sounds all nice and preachy! What a great person I am!

    But seriously, if you continue to develop your hobby of music, somebody in the industry could notice your talents, and it will then make you a lot of money. Just remember not to do it for the money in the first place. Does that make sense?
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
    My MP3s | My Melody Generator | my album
    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: The FireGS Fund

    Oh, and remember the saying:

    "If it's worth having, it's worth working for."

    Sean Patrick Hannifin
    My MP3s | My Melody Generator | my album
    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: The FireGS Fund

    Hehe, guys, I was more or less kiddin!

    Quote Originally Posted by FireGS
    Thanks for the feedback though!
    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: The FireGS Fund

    I want all the new Garritan libs as well
    Aaron Clark, C/C++, J2EE, Flash, Perl and PHP programming.
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