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Topic: Kontakt poor performance on a Mac 2.5

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    Kontakt poor performance on a Mac 2.5

    I am running the latest version of Kontakt on a Mac dual 2.5
    Kontakt yields at best 60 voices.
    To make sure of no cpu spikes 40 voices is really the limit.

    I get the same performance in both Logic and DP.

    This is just stunning. So few voices on such a powerhouse computer
    My old dual 867 yielded about 40 voices.
    My jaw is agape at the lack of significantly improved polyphony with the G5 dual 2.5

    While I eagerly await Kontakt 2.0 , are there any tips on how to get more voices out of kontakt?

    These are not Disk spikes - they are CPU only so changing dfd settings didn't help.
    All software is the latest revs.

    Thanks for any tips.
    Hopefully this issue is moot on march 11th when 2.0 ships.

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    Re: Kontakt poor performance on a Mac 2.5

    Well I can tell you I can get into the 100s with my dual 1.42 G4 so let's take a look at your system. What type of sound are you using to test this with? Any sound that uses the built in effects greatly reduces the voice/cpu ratio.
    Are you simply talking about one instance and one sound?
    Tell me about your system so maybe I can help.

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    Re: Kontakt poor performance on a Mac 2.5

    Hey chris
    thanks for the post.

    You sort of confirmed a suspician and that Kontakt is really not well tuned for either dual processors or G5's. Your dual 1.42 is getting what seems correct when compared to my old dual 867.
    The fact that my G5 gets no more is frustrating.

    My test sample is Vints C7. No effects.
    Nothing else up and running.
    Just a sequencer host and one instance of kontakt playing the C7.

    Latest versions of everything.

    Running logic native and DP native yeild 60 stereo voices.
    Logic running dae still gets me 60. it wil do so even when using several other soft synths but the one instance of kontakt will never yeild more than the 60 st voices without a cpu clip

    DP running in dae mode (kontakt as a rtas in that config) only gets me 40 voices.

    I have tried all the recommended cpu/system tweaks and most all kontakt parameters.

    This just does not seem kosher.

    thanks in advance for the help.


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    Re: Kontakt poor performance on a Mac 2.5

    thanks for the help.

    All samples are on a seperate sata 250gig drive (wd caviar)

    Energy saver settings are correct.
    Sleep never etc etc.

    Tell my about onyx and coctail - I am not hip to them.

    And i did all the tweeks in the OSX audio thread on mac optimisation.
    Nothing impoved anything.

    The drive is plenty fast. Even with low dfd settings the disc is never the limiting factor.
    It's always the cpu meter that clips.

    "200 24 bit voices" wow - NOW YOUR TALKIN!

    Thanks for the help - I gotta get that kind of performance out of kontakt!

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    Re: Kontakt poor performance on a Mac 2.5

    To eliminate as many exterior factors I did the following -

    Running Kontakt in stand alone mode - no other apps.
    Playing the vint C7 with no filters or effects
    75 stereo voices max.

    Activity monitor shows up to 103% at 75 voices then clips.
    I even got down the window sever under 4% by tweeking certain system prefs.

    Don't get me wrong 75 stereo voices is nice but my dual 867 could get be 40 easy. And a dual G5 2.5 is way more than twice the horsepower yet doesn't even yield twice the polyphony.

    I am REALLY open to suggestions on this!

    Thanks again for the help.

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    Re: Kontakt poor performance on a Mac 2.5

    When I say 100's I can get over 200 with more loaded in RAM. This is also at 256k buffer. What settings are you using?
    Also note that this is achieved through several instances. A single instance of Kontakt will only use one processor.

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    Re: Kontakt poor performance on a Mac 2.5

    I use the same 256 buffer as you.
    There is no polyphony difference between Ram or DFD.

    I didn't know that a second instance would use the second processor?

    So maybe I am not "underperforming" here.

    It just seemed odd that -
    dual 867 G4 = 40 stereo voices
    Dual 2.5ghz G5 = 75 stereo voices.

    The G5 is in speed alone 3x the computer PER PROCESSOR!
    Not even factoring in G5 vs G4.

    Is it simply a matter of NI not coding Kontakt for maximum G5 performance?

    Hopefully this all changes March 11th with Kontakt 2.0

    thanks again.

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    Re: Kontakt poor performance on a Mac 2.5

    One of the big things of Kontakt2 is dual processor support and Altivec optimization. I recently did a GPO piece where if I tried to load all the strings in one instance I couldn't get past two tracks. I ended up using one sound per instance and was able to complete the enitre thing playing in real time using 100s of voices.
    Well, March isn't so far away.

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    Re: Kontakt poor performance on a Mac 2.5

    Thanks for that incredibly useful post.

    It would seem logical that one instance should yeild more voices than multiple instances.
    But you clearly get far more polyphony using more instances.

    I would have thought that each instance would eat up a bit of processor therefore yield fewer voices.


    it's the other way - go figure.

    Chris and Greg - thanks for the input!

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    Re: Kontakt poor performance on a Mac 2.5

    Two things I will wait for on the Apple end of the tree....I will wait for 3ghz Dual processor G5's , and I will wait to see how nice Kompakt 2 play's with it .. Then I will take the plunge if all goes well....In the mean time, I had a PC built , and am running Giga3 that really sounds great ... I don't think you can have too many samplers can ya ?.....Being new to software samplers, I have heard MANY times how much more efficiently Giga on a PC runs, than ANY of the other samplers on a Mac ...I'm still a Mac guy, but I also want to see some kind of performance also ..If not , I will use my Mac for my sequencing and audio programs, and send a line out to the PC running Giga3 ... With the cost of PC's so low, it end's up costing less than a really good hardware sampler to own, so it's a no brainer for me ...It's no walk in the park learnign Giga and Window's at the same time though .. ....Sincerely, Jim

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