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Topic: Run!!! Run!!!

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    Run!!! Run!!!

    I finished this one today, and I had a lot of fun doing it, so I wonder if someone will have fun by listening to it!
    Here is what I imagined: A bunch of kids trying to escape from a dungeon, while being chased by an horde of evil soldiers, in a kind of short scene.


    Of course, criticism is always welcome!!

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    Re: Run!!! Run!!!

    Good exciting composition. I like the alternation between tutti passages and solo instruments. Not crazy about some of the samples though. Fast runs and glassandi are dead giveaways for sampled orchestras.

    What library did you produce this on? GPO? The brass sounds a little too thin and strident.

    But this is a solid composition which, in the end, is the most important thing. I hear a little strain of Williams' Harry Potter in some parts incidently.

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    Re: Run!!! Run!!!

    Thanks for listening guys!! Yeah, I am not happy with some samples either, I will try to improve them later, specially the 1st violins and the flutes.
    I guess I was really focused in the composition itself, and didn´t make much effort to achieve realism, although I like most of the samples I used. I just used one or two patches for each instrument, just enough to sound like what I was hearing inside my head.

    Anyone else?

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    Re: Run!!! Run!!!

    Sounds very good, certainly exciting. The 'sampleness' didn't bother me much; occasionally it seemed that the percussion had a different resonance than the rest of the orchestra.

    Is this a film scene, or for game audio, or what?

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    Re: Run!!! Run!!!

    Thanks for listening Guglielmo!
    Actually I made it just for fun, nothing special.

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    Re: Run!!! Run!!!

    Browsing beyond the first page I came across this beauty
    Love the composition!

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