I have a Dual G5 with 2 Gig of Ram running LP7.01

The problem I need help with is when trying to install the NI Komplete software this is what happens;

The software seems to install ok but then a closer inspection shows that all the AUs are present in (Applications Folder) where it was said to install them, but FM7 and B4 Organ aren't present within Logic when trying to launch them as a plugin.

Also when opening Absynth,Battery and Pro53 the sound libraries have been install but when trying to select them they are greyed out.

After installing, before realising all the above I downloaded all the possible updates for the AUs but half of the updates weren't opening and then of course I couldn't update.

Surely there can't be this many problems with an installation?

Should I be installing another way?

Thanks for any reply!