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Topic: Any day now - new mix, please comment!

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    Any day now - new mix, please comment!

    Hi guys,

    Based on the feedback I got earlier, I've been working to improve the mix of my song:

    Any day now

    I plan to include this track on my new demo, so please be scrupulous in your comments! I need it to be good enough to garner attention from record buffs and whatnots - we all know how picky such people are...

    Jim Offerman

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    Re: Any day now - new mix, please comment!

    I really like this and wish that more songs like it would play on the radio instead of what I've been hearing lately. The only thing that bothered me was that the high registers aren't clear or loud enough. This could be a speaker issue on my end, but usually with these speakers, I get over-powered with the highs. Otherwise, it was great!!

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    Re: Any day now - new mix, please comment!

    Yeah, the mix... blah blah.

    Great song though, and I also wish there were more songs like this on the radio. Course, it could have happened since I haven't listened to any radio station but the web GPO station since 5 years ago.

    Back to the song. The guitars and strings sit way to far back in the mix. The piano, vocals, and percussion sound great though (except for the cymbals.) Not sure what to do with them since I'm no expert, but maybe DPDan can give some tips since he's our resident expert on those things.

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