Anyone with an Athlon64 experiencing these crashes on GS3.04 Ensemble? Please try this anyway if you would.

1. Open GS3.
2. Load GigaPiano II.
3. Do a Quick Edit - adjust the attack and release decay times.
4. Edit the GigaPulse instances - bypass, change mix level to 0.0 (notice you cannot un-bypass instance 1 or bypass instance 2?)
5. Save the performance and quit GigaStudio.
6. Load the performance. What happens?
For me, GS3 totally closes with no error message, OR, when I don't edit GigaPulse, displays the following error: "Incompatible Preset (Cur version 0.00.0000) -- Requires 3.00.0010."
(I have Ensemble version 3.04.1757. Yes, I tried ALL 4 memory configs.)
7. Close GS3. Go into Config Manager under Plugins. Add GigaPulse to blocked plugins and click OK (please just do it - can be put back later).
8. Open GS3. Add GigaPiano II. Do the same Quick Edits as before. Save the performance with a different filename as before. Close GS3.
9. Open the performance you just created. Did it work? It did for me.
10. Still cannot open the ones that crashed when I had GigaPulse enabled.
11. You can turn GP back on now. :-)

Does this happen to anyone else, or just me? BTW, this is after 4 or 5 clean installs of Windows, tweaking, and GS3 with update 3.04.

P.S. Are the GP surround mics only available in Orchestra version?

Thanks a million!
- Tom