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Topic: Giga 2.54, Mixtreme, and XP...help!

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    Unhappy Giga 2.54, Mixtreme, and XP...help!

    This is more about Mixtreme than Giga, but I was trying to get to a user I found with a google search ("Ouch that hurts") that I know has 2 Mixtremes. Forgive me.

    When I was running my Giga engine on W2K everything was happy. Upgraded my hardware to an Intel D865GBFL, 3.0Ghz, 1G Ram...everything still happy. I bought a new SATA boot drive, loaded XP Pro SP2 from scratch...and I can't see the Mixtreme to save my life. Have tried multilple driver versions...PnP doesn't see it. If I boot to my old W2K disk there is joy. The only mail I've gotten so far from Sydec is to do what I've already done and described in the first mail I sent them.

    Any guidance will be greatly appreciated,

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    Re: Giga 2.54, Mixtreme, and XP...help!

    This c-o-u-l-d be an SP2 problem. SP2 has been reported to do some really funny things to media systems, creating unstability and rendering things to non-existent, non-working or working very poorly. Unfortunately you cannot uninstall SP2, you need to re-install the system to get rid of it.

    Anyway, this is just a speculation.
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    Re: Giga 2.54, Mixtreme, and XP...help!

    Thanks for the response.

    I'm willing to try anything at this point, but...I didn't install SP2 seperately, so maybe I was "lucky" enough to get "updated" media. Yea. ;^) I'll try to find someone at work that has older media...sounds like it's worth a try because I'm stopped dead at the moment.

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Giga 2.54, Mixtreme, and XP...help!

    I was using that card myself back when and had a similar problem transitioning from Win2K to XP. But I was on Sydec's web site not long ago and noticed v4.1.1.0 drivers released in 8/04 for XP. Their site is at:


    If that's newer than what you've got and you can't get in, PM me and I'll e-mail them to you. They're around 300K or so.


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    Re: Giga 2.54, Mixtreme, and XP...help!

    Thanks to all who replied. It's working now, though it's not clear why...but I'm not one to look a gift horse in the IRQ...;^)
    Thanks again,

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