(Inspired by posts in the reaction to Garritan's coming big band library.)

Some musicians tend to get them themselves into unbelievable situations, and then solving the problems or doing things that is even more mindboggling - usually quite fun and sometimes very innovative. One example is Miles Davis saying to the studio engineer that all headphones that doesn't f**k up his hair-do are a good headphones. There are probably thousands of those stories - true or not. How about swapping a few of those and have a good time reading

My own contribution:

Duke Ellington's band was playing in Hawaii, on a 4 ft high stage. One of the tunes featured a solo played by known saxophonist Harry Carney. Duke said "I don't know what the man had been smoking that day, but it sure wasn't anything out of the average store ...". During the solo, Carney suddenly stands up and walks out and walzes around on stage (very uncommon practice in big band performances), on shaking legs. He gets too close to the edge of the stage without noticing it, steps over, falls out and drops down hard on the first row in the audience - the orchestra continues to play.

Duke continues: "That impact must have woke him up a bit, because I've don't think I've seen anybody get back up on stage that vigorously before. His sax was handed back up to him on stage by the audience and he got back into the solo in a hurry .. and damn, he started playing some of the best phrasings I've ever heard him do. It was just that ... um ... he was so eager to make up for the crash that he didn't notice that he soloing over the chord changes of the next song we were about to play"