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Topic: Impromptu Uematsu

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    Impromptu Uematsu

    I was just "tickling" the virtual ivories tonight and came across a little melody and thought, "Wow...this is quite lovely..." only to realize a moment later that it is the piano/opening theme for Final Fantasy X - one of my all time favorite Uematsu pieces. So I figured out the chord progression and...well...gosh I really wish I had written that.

    Any of you ever experienced similar moments? Now I sit here in my studio wondering if I shall ever write anything so simple and graceful. I need a big stamp on my forehead that says, "Its the melody, stupid!"

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    Re: Impromptu Uematsu

    Im not sure if I've ever done that. Somtimes I write a little riff or melody that sounds great - but it almost sounds familiar so I wonder if I really wrote it or stole it from somewhere

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    Wink Re: Impromptu Uematsu

    You'll never be 100% sure that this what's in Your head is 100% Yours and only Yours... or maybe if You were deaf or didn't listen to any music....
    I think many composers have this problem.

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