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Topic: Continuo Tutorial by Terry Dwyer

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    Continuo Tutorial by Terry Dwyer

    Terry Dwyer did another excellent tutorial, this time on "Realising a Continuo part".


    "Continuo" is short for “basso continuo” or “continuous bass”. It is the foundation of Baroque concerted music (Terry points out there are similarities with jazz improvisation, which assumes a common harmonic framework to work against).

    Terry discusses Figured Bass, The Continuo Code, Inflections, Stylistic considerations and gives various examples

    Thanks Tery for taking the time and trouble to write this tutorial whic is sure to be a help to many GPO users. And thanks also to Bill Pearson for his useful suggestions.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Continuo Tutorial by Terry Dwyer

    Thanks for another wonderful tutorial Terry. I'll have to download it tonight and turn it into a PDF for viewing at leisure.

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    Post Re: Continuo Tutorial by Terry Dwyer

    Thank you for this. This is clearest explanation of continuo realization I've ever read...and I've read a few.

    Oh, and I really do like your use of graphics to illustrate this, particularly in the "Inflections" section.

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    Re: Continuo Tutorial by Terry Dwyer

    Once again, Terry has produced a fantastic and informative tutorial on how to acheive more realistic renderings in the GPO School of Music!. These insights really help. The examples are great! Terry always has useful tips that will benefit you in your attempts at realism.

    Thanks Terry and Gary for posting this.
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