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Topic: Sounds of Polynesia not working in 48K?

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    Sounds of Polynesia not working in 48K?

    I do soundtrack work rather than CDs so I run my OSX/DP4.5 G5 system at 48K rather than 44.1. I just installed Sounds of Polynesia (an Intakt Instrument) and the sounds are glitchy and the loops jump back sooner than is musically correct.
    When I switch to 44.1 everything's fine. But my other Intakt Instruments, like Intakt and Percussive Adventures 2 are fine at 48K.
    I've gone to the Native Instruments site and downloaded the Sounds of Polynesia Intakt updater, didn't help. Don't see any updates on the Sounds Online website for this package.

    Any suggestions?

    Rob Bryanton
    talking dog

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    Re: Sounds of Polynesia not working in 48K?

    You might want to contact both Native Instruments and Zero-G (the developer of Sounds of Polynesia):


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    Re: Sounds of Polynesia not working in 48K?

    After further research I've discovered that Intakt not working in 48K is a well-known bug which Native Instruments has known about for at least a year. So I was then surprised today when I received an email from Zero-G saying that this is the first they've heard about the problem, and that Native Instruments themselves only just informed them that this is a known problem with no fix. There are a large number of "virtual instrument" packages from Zero G and other developers out there who are using the Intakt player, rendering their libraries incompatible with 48K users.

    This seems like a big deal to me. Why are all the 48K composers out there not clamoring to Native Instruments for a fix?

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