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Topic: Multi output card

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    Question Multi output card

    What is the least expensive multi-out audio card that works perfectly with GS3 and has at least 8 stereo outs (16 mono outs)? Doesn't matter ADAT/Analog.

    GS3 has the ability to CAPTURE audio, and the more phisical outs you have, the more audio files you can capture simultaneously. Unless there is a better way to capture 16 audio tracks even with a simple (M-Audio) stereo audio card?


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    Re: Multi output card

    I don't use the GS Capture, but I don't think it has anything to do with the number of outputs on your audio card.

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    Re: Multi output card

    Actually I think it does. Two physical outs, two audio file, etc.

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    Re: Multi output card

    I wonder if GigaVST would provide a similar solution. Anybody know how many tracks you can bounce with GigaVST?


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    Re: Multi output card

    Interesting...does anyone know why this is? Are you suppose to patch the physical out to the ins? I understand if it's suppose to be just for mixing down, because then you only want two tracks, unless it's for surround. Hmmm...

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