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Topic: DP files and sonar

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    DP files and sonar

    I tried saving a file in Dig Per, I saved it as a midi file, because I need to work with it in Sonar, but I cant open it, it tells me something about it being a MAC binary type, something like that.

    Does anybody know how to do it>>"? Is it even possible? Is not even a complex work, is just a piano track.

    I didnt find where to post this topic


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    Re: DP files and sonar

    I would recommend the Unicornation forum It is the best place to hang out with other users of Digital Performer and other MOTU products.


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    Re: DP files and sonar

    Well the think is that im not a DP user, im a sonar user, an i was offered to do a job that someone left incomplete in DP, but i need to be able to open the midi files in sonar. I will ask there anyway, thankyou


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