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Topic: Midi and tempo changes

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    Midi and tempo changes

    Hi all,
    This one has been bugging for a long time so I hope someone can help

    I have Finale files (.MUS) which will pick up and play tempo changes but once I export those files to .MID, and play back a midi file on Windows media player (for example) it ain't happening. One tempo throughout...no rits or accels allowed. Anyone know why or how to get it to work? Wouuld appreciate the help.

    Many thanks
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    Re: Midi and tempo changes

    I would assume this is because Finale doesn't add the tempo change to the actual midi file but interprets the notated tempo change on the fly when playing. A solution? Sorry, I don't use Finale. (But I could tell you how to do it in Overture, LOL)

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    Re: Midi and tempo changes

    Which version of Finale are you using? I have no trouble getting tempo changes into my .MID files. Perhaps you could send me a sample and I can try to see what happens when I play it on my machine?

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    Re: Midi and tempo changes

    If I don´t remember wrong (I don´t use .MID) you have to assign an expression in the first measure: Expression Designer>Playback>Type>Play Tempo Tool Changes in order to implant it in the .MID-file. Look it up in your manual.


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    Re: Midi and tempo changes

    That happens to me with Noteworthy Composer (great, simple program, by the way). It gives you sort of a warning that fermatas and breath marks won't appear in a MIDI file, but tempo's OK. I'm imagining it is one of those 'on the fly' changes. Basically what Noteworthy Composer does is you specify how many sixteenth notes you want the delay for, and it stops the MIDI time clock for that long. (I think)
    So that's probably it. I would suggest checking the Finale webside for updates, or something. Or upgrading to a newer version, as Andrew said.

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    Re: Midi and tempo changes

    I'm not looking at it right now, but in the Human Playback choices there is an option to include changes in MIDI. Also, unless you're exporting to a sequencer, why not just record with GPO Studio, which gets everything?

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