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Topic: How to sync RMX when not using metronome?

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    How to sync RMX when not using metronome?

    Hi - I'm recording some midi of me playing Piano. I then play in the bass part and guitar or pads while listening to the piano part (all midi). I feel that when I play with a metronome, it doesnt sound as nice, so I play all of this free tempo.

    Now, when I want to add drum loops, like RMX, whats the best way to sync it my free tempo piece?

    For a specific example, I'm using Sonar4, RMX, Trilogy and Kontakt. I'm goofing around with the old pop song Desperado. I play the piano part then add bass and then I want to loop some drums. How do I sync the drums in RMX to my non-specific tempo piece?

    Obviously I'm new to this all and I'd love any tips on the right way to do this. Or... do you all play to a metronome and that's just something I need to learn to do?

    Thanks much,

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    Re: How to sync RMX when not using metronome?

    I don't own RMX but this is what I'd do if I wanted to use loops.

    Lay down the drum tracks first. Then play to that. Then you can go back and edit your drum tracks if you want to add fills and breaks.

    Trying to sync to something that you played free style I think will never give you a tight rhythmic feel.

    Lay down the rhythm first then play to that.

    But you're right in not wanting to play to the metronome. They aren't very accurate anyways. Just listen to a metronome and you'll hear it goes out. Then try to sync two computers together just by starting them at the same time. They'll be out in seconds unless locked together with timecode or something.

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    Re: How to sync RMX when not using metronome?

    If you're wanting to have a pretty consistent tempo, play to a click that is just quarter or half-notes and turn it down. Keep it just loud enough to stay close. This will give you more freedom in your playing and when you add loops you'll be in the ballpark.

    If you want to play the part very rubato or with lots of retards, etc., you will need a function like I use on Logic called Tempo Reclock. I manually tap out a click track to any free-form piece, then hit Tempo Reclock and it creats a tempo map based on that click track. I don't know what software you are using, but I would imagine the other major players have a similar function. It will be interesting to hear what the "really loose" loops sound like.

    Good luck.

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    Re: How to sync RMX when not using metronome?

    Yeah - the part I played in is very Rubato, so maybe the tempo reclock is the right way to do this. I'm on Sonar4, so I'll have to see if it will do an automatic tempo map.

    I think this project is an exception because the song lends itself to be very rubato. In the future, I'll lay down a simple drum loop first and play to that - see if its easier than playing to a metronome.


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