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Topic: Wait to buy GPO?

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    Wait to buy GPO?

    Hey Peoples,

    If I am planning on buying GPO Advanced as soon as it comes out, would it be a waste of money for me to buy GPO now?

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    Re: Wait to buy GPO?

    I'm not sure what the upgrade plans are. I am sure that upgraders won't get shafted since that's not Gary's style. Maybe he could chime in here with a recommendation.

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    Re: Wait to buy GPO?

    Thanks Joseph,

    I will wait to see if Gary has any thoughts. (And, from what I have read on this forum, I am positive that Gary is not going to "shaft" any of his current customers... but, since I am a student, every dollar counts).


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    Re: Wait to buy GPO?

    Gotcha. You may want to shoot him an email on top of the posts.

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    Re: Wait to buy GPO?

    Thanks again Joseph. Will do.

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    Re: Wait to buy GPO?

    I'll echo Joseph's sentiments, and add one of my own. Not only would it be out of character for Gary to shaft people on an upgrade (or anything else) for reasons of character, he also wouldn't do it because he's a very smart businessman. There are many different styles of doing business, and the path he's chosen is a surprisingly novel approach in the business world. He takes very good care of his customers, and they stick with him.

    He's built a loyal customer base because he offers a great bang for the buck on his products and is generous in his policies. You can be sure that he'll have excellent options for people all the way around - new buyers, upgrades, new products, etc. For the path he's chosen, it's just good business.

    When you add the business realities to his personal strength of character, I'd go so far as to say it will always be safe to buy any product from him, at any time, and always feel confident that whatever the future brings, you'll be well taken care of.

    Oh, and just for the record, since my launching the Composer Channel may offer a little confusion in this area: I don't work for Gary. I'm an author and consultant who teaches business and career strategies, and I got involved with all this because I was impressed with the way he does things, and the benevolent atmosphere of the community that has arisen as a result. In other words, Gary don't pay me to say this stuff - it's from the heart.
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: Wait to buy GPO?


    GPO Advanced will not be released until second quarter. There will be a generous upgrade path and it will NOT cost more to buy GPO now and receive the Advanced version update later. It will probably be a little less for existing GPO customers.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Wait to buy GPO?

    Great news indeed!

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    Re: Wait to buy GPO?

    Thanks for the info Gary. Looks like I won't be waiting then. Next pay check, and I joing the legions of loyal Garritans.

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    Re: Wait to buy GPO? why would you do that?

    after you become acquainted with the Garritan experience you won't even be embarassed to have asked that...

    But there is no reason to wait for such an uplift to one's ... everything

    If anything I wish I had been familiar aslong ago as wishers could wish .. but iffa frog.. well I want to learn more effectively and know more without spending the time it takes to study when i could be playing with Garritan PO, and Ableton Live..
    between these 2 joys of life for me, I wish i didn't hafta sleep and lose my place, and then hafta sleep and get woke up again, but my bod said that sucked.. and I still louse him up trying to do like I want anyway occasionally, not that often lately... but

    Take the plunge...... I mean.. its a mere drip in the drop against the cost of living today??? GPO is the best value of this decade and likely each one hereafter

    after you realize what Has gone into this and what continues to be added to it... like i said you will have ... anger at self for every increment of time you delay ... once you find what you'd been denying yourself the chance to get started working on your intonations and expressives and any number of the many diverse distinctly unique articulatables provided to you, for you art's sake...
    Its just as if Gary says to you " Man, I think you are an remarkable artist, capable of uncommon things here is a medium worthy of that and useful in showcasing it"....." use this to augment that in yourself..."

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