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Topic: Piano Samples: Does that makes sense?

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    Piano Samples: Does that makes sense?

    piano samples of today are very close to the real thing. Do the piano samples of today considerate the position of the player of a real piano? Is it not true that a pianist hears the piano from another position than the audience does? Is it not true that the pianist never operate the piano in the midst of the audience?
    When I used a popular piano sample I feeled like that (even in DRY).
    It would be nice to have a piano sample having the mike position of the pianist's ears playing a real piano.

    And that is my dream (maybe still realized):
    - a grand piano recorded with artificial head (binaural recording) with special attention to the position of the pianist's ears. This would hopefully help to improve the feel of playing a real piano.
    - possibility to vary the position of the pianist and so the mike position. Example for very close: pianist's ears are close to the strings, very distant: pianist is sitting away as much as possible and still playing the piano.
    - For recordings I can choose afterwards the audience mike position and can be part of audience

    Does this piano sample exist?

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    Lightbulb Re: Piano Samples: Does that makes sense?

    Well, one of the perspectives in our Ultimate Yamaha C7 collection was recorded with a stereo Mic just where the ears would be and at the position where a pianist would be sitting, I beleive VRsounds have a binaural recording of a C7 also


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