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Topic: did i miss something

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    did i miss something

    nothing ?? from VSL at namm?? why? any speculations? rumors?

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    Re: did i miss something

    Those kids are working 'round the clock over there. You can be sure that they are cranking as fast as they can and will be releasing new things as soon as possible.

    I would speculate a Jazz Big Band library to compete with GG, perhaps a drum kit or series of drum kits, bass, and some mild updates to the orchestral stuff. Perhaps some companion brass to match the Horns like Bones and Trumpets in the Epic style.

    I also gotta be wondering whether they are re-evaluating their investment in GS and EXS24. With Kontakt gaining more and more steam and Kontakt 2 coming up, they have to be looking at the market and saying.....hmmmm!
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