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Topic: Problem Building Quicksound Database

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    Problem Building Quicksound Database

    Hi everyone. I want to say that I'm glad this forum exists--I've learned a lot about Giga from lurking here.

    I just set up a new computer for GS3. I've copied all of my GS2.5 libraries on to my new 400 gig raid. When I launch GS 3.04 and attempt to build my quicksound database, giga starts scanning my drive alphabetically and then stops when it reaches the letter "e" (my Ethnoworld 2 library).

    I thought perhaps it was a bad file in the Ethnoworld folder, so I renamed the folder "ZEthnoworld" so it would be the last to be read--but giga keeps stoping. Any ideas? I can load all of my instruments, but I can't get quicksound to recognize them. I've checked my advanced search settings and the drive is selected all of the file types are clicked.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Problem Building Quicksound Database

    You probably have a bad gig file in there. Try copying the folder to your non-sample drive and erasing it from the sample drive. Then do the quicksound thing. After that try re-installing those gigs, or adding the gigs one at a time, until you find the culprit.


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    Re: Problem Building Quicksound Database

    Another possible approach would be to UNcheck all file types except .gig files -- sometimes it can take a long time to list all the .wav files or other types that other samples use.

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    Re: Problem Building Quicksound Database

    Thanks for the help.


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