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    Thumbs up SYNFUL: INCREDIBLE!!!

    I want to start this new thread because it seems there's only one thread on this part of the Forum related to Synful which is over 350 posts long. (A point made there at the moment can get lost!) I wish to bring to the attention of this community, in case anyone hasn't heard it, this incredible product.

    Sharmy informed me this morning that user demos are now up at the SYNFUL site. I am not wanting to bring this to your attention because I have a demo there, (which I stress was just noodling around), but I just took a listen to the Michael Schrattbauer demo and the Fred Schendel demo and I am absolutely AMAZED!!!

    If you have not heard this product, and even if you have, please check out the above mentioned two demos. This absolutely begs discussion and recognition.

    I have not been contacted by Synful to say any of this. I feel compelled to make sure everyone here knows about the results of this amazing technology.

    Again: check out the 2nd and 3rd demos: from Michael Schrattbauer, and Fred Schendel. I haven't listened to the rest yet!! But I believe the above demos will make your jaw DROP.

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    I mean no disrespect, but isn't this a tad bit Spam-like?

    No offense. Just my perception...

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    It's not spam. This product is an incredible step forward.

    And just one thread isn't enough for this great product (eight years of research!)



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    Yeah, cool product. Agree on what others said.

    An introductory offer could help some of us to join easily into that. Lot of people I know are really interested to buy it.

    Honestly the day I used it (the last of my trial ...had too much work before) I had a lot of fun expecially in playing expressive winds. And what surprised me was the total relaxing of my pc while playing tracks, with my cpu sleeping at about 10% including reverb, no matter how many tracks I played.


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    Interesting product, and the articulations extremely realistic...yet the basic sound of the instrument is lacking in the realism and sonic depth I've grown accustomed to with modern samples.

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    Synful IS totally amazing.

    The use of Encoding and Synthesis of Tonal Audio Signals Using Dominant Sinusoids and a Vector-Quantized Residual Tonal Signal and Reconstructive Phrase Modeling is leaving me in the same state of shock as when the first sampler (in my case the Emulator II) entered my studio door.
    This application is so small and so powerful it promises incrddible things for the future.

    One small hint to Eric Lindemann (hope he is following this) I would certainly replace the home page demos and use the two user demos instead
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flare
    I mean no disrespect, but isn't this a tad bit Spam-like?

    No offense. Just my perception...
    If you were standing in my shoes, you'd understand why this isn't spam. I am going out on a bit of a limb here because I understand this is how it MIGHT look, because you don't know me. This is why I mentioned no one has asked me to do this, and I don't work for Synful.

    This is a discussion community on new sounds for midi. I have professionally worked with midi for about 18 years. As a member of this forum, I felt compelled to post the above message. This incredible product has been buried in just one thread on this forum. IT's not perfect, but the above two demos make it sound perfect! Others may not agree, and find fault with the sound upon close inspection. It EXCELLS where other libraries have difficulties. It does not excell at longer sustains which other libraries are fine with.

    Simply upon hearing those demos I posted the above, knowing it's an emotional reaction. Forums are risky with this, but there it is. The above is just my honest reaction to the demos, and this being a midi community I want everyone to be aware of the product.

    If you can understand I have no affiliation with Synful, you will understand that this is not spam.

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    If you're reading this (and I certainly hope you are), hurry up with that Mac version and you will get my money faster than you can say "it's read..."
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    ^^^^ word!

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    My trial period expired.
    Yes this technology does have a lot of promise. If there was some way to add in the sound quality of good samples with the light load on memory and CPU that Synful has then he will really have something.


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