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Topic: The Composer Channel

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    The Composer Channel

    Hey guys, during a google search last night I came across www.showprogramming.com - I looked over one of the info pages and had no idea what it was (found my name on the contributing composer page and was even more intrigued).

    Then found the button for the "Composer Channel" and realized this was the GPO radio station thing.

    I listened for about three hours and it was incredible. The production of the station is much higher than I would have initially thought. The on air personalities are actually personalities (something oft missing from internet radio) and the music selections are very good.

    Congrats to Chris Duncan, he did an amazing job putting this together, I will definetly be streaming tonight.
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    Talking Re: The Composer Channel

    Hi, Alan - -

    And did you notice that YOUR NAME is at the top of the list (including drop-down/combo lists) when searching for a composer/artist? That is, until I legally change my name to Aaaron Aaaronsen later this month!


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    Re: The Composer Channel

    ha ha ha.

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    Thumbs up Re: The Composer Channel

    YEA!!!! Alan is back!!!!

    (I'm running around in circles clapping my hands)

    Glad to have you back pimp!
    The Composer Channel is the best!!! Now I just need internet radio in my car.
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