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Topic: GS3 MIDI inputs...

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    GS3 MIDI inputs...

    Is anyone here using more than 1 MIDI input(16 channels) in GS3 at any given time? I have ensemble (will upgrade soon) and see that it can take 4 midi inputs to play 4x16=64 instruments at once, at least it is possible to do so. I'm using a Layla 3G which is GSIF2 and has a single midi i/o. Can I just get another sound card to double my midi inputs?
    My sequencer (Protools) on another pc can send more than 1 midi out by adding more, like if I get the digi's Midi I/O. Just curious and haven't read the manual yet. Thanks.

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    Re: GS3 MIDI inputs...

    I use MidiOverLan+ when I use Sibelius, or I run Sonar on my Giga machine. In both cases I can use all eight ports. I've never used 128 channels, but I often organize the instruments with the ports: ensemble strings on port 1, winds on 2, etc...

    I only use my MidiSport 2x2 for external hardware: one keyboard and one drum module with pads.


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    Re: GS3 MIDI inputs...

    I use 6 of the 8 ports so far, and keep thinking of new reasons to use more. Most recently, in order to defeat reverb-induced phasing by putting alternating notes in different midi channels with a slightly different position in the gigapulse. Also, when using the pitch wheel, dividing notes by pitch position avoids 'tuning' the release of one note when tuning another note.

    Two hardware ports, 6 midi over ethernet (not MOL).

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