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Topic: The old Nintendo / C64 sound

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    The old Nintendo / C64 sound

    Are there any samples made with the actual 8 bit consoles (if that is legal) or similar sounds done especially for sampling work? I would like to have some chromatic instruments mapped on a keyboard aswell as the effect sounds used in the old games for actions like jumping, shooting and hitting some special object. Please post links to other NS threads if this has been discussed before.

    Similarily it would be nice to have some crappy synth sounds. The sounds that you can find in old Casio keyboards. Anything goes, I'm searching for anything that sounds cheap. I don't want to pay fortunes for them as most likely I won't be able to get much money from using them. I don't want cheap virtual instruments but instruments / samples that are purposefully created to sound cheap.

    I'm also looking for a general synth VI so if the aforementioned sounds can be found in instruments like Sonic Synth 2 or Ultra Focus, please tell me. Does anybody already have those?

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    Re: The old Nintendo / C64 sound

    Here is a C64 drum ReFill

    Edit - site is down

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    Re: The old Nintendo / C64 sound

    Thanks guys!

    I downloaded all the Tweakbench stuff from kvrvst and they seem to be the thing I'm after. I can try them out tomorrow and weird enough, I'm actually looking forward to that. I also downloaded the C64 refill from propellerheads.se. It's quite large for such a thing, 17.8 megs. The Sidstation seems cool but it's sold out and a new one would have cost 1000 €. I think I'll go with the freeware stuff.

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    Re: The old Nintendo / C64 sound

    google "QuardSID"

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    Re: The old Nintendo / C64 sound

    Quote Originally Posted by bye
    google "QuardSID"
    Thanks! Actually it's QuadraSID but luckily Google gives suggestions. I downloaded the demo. Tomorrow I will take a plunge back to the 80s.

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    Re: The old Nintendo / C64 sound

    Try 8 bit stylez

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