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Topic: System Reboots

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    System Reboots

    Hey Everyone,

    I am running a P4 1.8 GHz clone that I made myself for a dedicated music computer. I recently purchased a E-Mu 1820 w/ Breakout box. It was working for about a few days, now all of a sudden, my system will reboot itself.

    Any 1820 owners, has this happened to you before? Could it be like a power supply issue possibly?

    Any sugguestions would be helpful. Thanks

    - Philippe Conway

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    Re: System Reboots

    One thing to do is disable automatic restarts (Advanced tab --> Click 'Settings' under 'Startup and Recovery' --> Uncheck the 'automatically restart' option). This is Microsoft's sneaky way of hiding the blue screen of death (BSOD). Granted, it occurs much less frequently than in the 98/ME days, but it still can happen, mainly when a device driver fails.

    Instead of a reboot, you'll get a BSOD with a cryptic stop error code. Try "googling" the stop error message when it occurs, and this will help determine if it's a driver issue or a power problem.

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