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Topic: Keyswitching and Overture

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    Question Keyswitching and Overture

    Which is the best (i.e. quick and easiest) method of using keyswitching in Overture?

    I've tried adding keyswitch notes to a track and using a separate track completely, but I understand there is a way to configure Overture's expressions to trigger them?

    Can any one enlighten?

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    Re: Keyswitching and Overture

    Yes, you can and I'm long overdue to do a tutorial on this. I'll get back to you with some details soon!

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    Re: Keyswitching and Overture

    We're waiting.....

    Oh, the machine says I have to have 50 characters in my post or it won't accept it. So if you don't mind, I'll just blather on and on and on here not particularly saying anything and just generally taking up bandwidth, but if that's what you want, baby, that's what you got. Okay? Okay. I'll just ramble on and on and on here, having nothing particular to say except to just once again reemphasize to Joseph that really, it would be nice to have his keyswitching in Overture tutorial, because his other tutorials for Overture are just the bees' knees, know what I mean, jellybean? It just feels like I have to go all stream of consciousness like something out of William Faulkner or Virginia Woolf, or maybe even a little like Gracie Allen, you remember Gracie Allen, she was opposite George Burns who lived practically forever and then slipped in the shower or something just before his 100th birthday or thereabouts, but the two of them were just hilarious in International House (1933), which was also one of the first talkies to prominently feature WC Fields. I reviewed the Fields Collection on DVD for www.digitallyobsessed.com last November; International House was by far the funniest thing on the set of five movies, though My Little Chickadee is probably the most fondly remembered of all Fields' pictures. Watching it, though, it's hard to see exactly how Mae West became a star because she really can't act too well and isn't voluptuous, she's downright fat. But who am I to talk, really? I ended up losing about fifty pounds on the Atkins diet, though so I'm a shadow of my former self, at least on good days. Drink lots of water, is the key to that diet, or else your urine ends up the consistency of cottage cheese. Well, there's a picture for you, isn't it? But really, I do like cottage cheese, especially when it's topped with freshly ground pepper. My old man used to like it that way, with a big cold glass of tomato juice or V8. Man, that sounds good right now, doesn't it? Unfortunately I still have another meeting to go to before I can head out and gobble some down; I have to give a treasurer's report or else I would just bag it. Speaking of bags, it's really very nice of the baggers at the grocery to offer a choice of paper and plastic. I always opt for paper, since they recycle paper bags here, unless I am going to try to carry too much and then plastic is a bit easier. That reminds me, I need to get some water softener salt one of these days. Well, I can pick up some V8 while I'm there. And some cottage cheese. Actually, I may need to do that anyway, since I don't have either and all I'd really have is the ground pepper. Which is nice but it just doesn't do it by itself; one loses the full effect without the cottage cheese. The pepper's good in the V8 too; gives it a little bite. It always tastes a little sweet to me, so I suppose it's really not Atkins-friendly. It's surprising how much carbs there are in ---or should that be how many carbs there are in---yes, how many carbs there are in foods that you'd think aren't all that sugary. But they are. And oddly enough, blueberries and raspberries and strawberries don't have all that many carbs in them. For some reason, I guess the California growing season, we can get strawberries at reasonable prices all year round here in Wisconsin, but God help you if you need raspberries in February, I can tell you. Actually raspberries go pretty well with cottage cheese too, though in that case you'd probably want to omit the tomato juice or the V8, as the spirit might move you.

    Well, now I think I'm over 50 words so I'll click "Submit Reply." And oh, yeah, Joseph, we're waiting for that keyswitching tutorial.

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    Re: Keyswitching and Overture

    Before the weekend's out, I promise. I just hesitate to do it since there is a massive change on how this works in Overture 4.

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    Re: Keyswitching and Overture

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    Before the weekend's out, I promise. I just hesitate to do it since there is a massive change on how this works in Overture 4.
    Then wait until 4...since that should be released relatively soon, you could end up confusing people with a '3' tutorial (me included! )

    But of course it's your time and any help is heartily appreciated!

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    Re: Keyswitching and Overture

    Do we know whether there will be an Overture 4 SE for GPO users?

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    Re: Keyswitching and Overture

    Quote Originally Posted by gardibolt
    Do we know whether there will be an Overture 4 SE for GPO users?
    You may want to check the geniesoft forums: http://geniesoft.com/forum/
    I think they answered the question there. My guess? There will be a 4 SE, but again, that's just a guess. You may want to uprgrade to the full version 4. From everything I've heard, it's supposed to 'rock the house!'

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    Re: Keyswitching and Overture


    I'm pretty sure that a version of Overture 4 SE will ship with the new libraries coming out.

    I can confirm that there IS a Overture 4 SE and that it is splendid. There's a lot of new stuff in here that will make integration with GPO much easier as well as everyday use as well.

    BTW, I dropped the ball with the keyswitch tutorial. Bear with me, I've got other irons in the fire and more problems than you care to hear about. I'll get it done.

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    Re: Keyswitching and Overture

    Does Overture 3 (full) or will Overture 4 allow one to select an entire score for an instrument and manipulate it? Let's say I have an orchestral score and I want to move the clarinets so they're anticipating the beat by a fraction of a count. Is it possible to do that all at once or does it have to be done stave by stave as seems to be the only way in Overture SE 3?

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    Re: Keyswitching and Overture

    In v4 you can select notes for an entire stave over the full course of the score very easily, just a few clicks. Is that what you mean?

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