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Topic: GOS plus Synful demo!

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    GOS plus Synful demo!

    Well, with talk about Synful heating up again it might be a good time to post this! The backstory on this piece is that I did the basic work on it about two months ago with GOS, getting to know that library. Last month when I was on my Synful trial period I had the presence of mind to run all the string tracks through Synful and set them aside with the idea of blending it in behind GOS. Today I took some time and more-or-less finished the piece by tweaking all the GOS strings and shifting the Synful stuff into sync, adding woodwinds and the legetti-like coda. The result is great, I think- 95% of what you hear is GOS, but Synful gives it a presence. There is also a hint of VSL violin in the 1st violins (these are the ones that come bundled with GS3 Orchestra) but they are very light. All the effects are GOS.

    This piece is part of a large work based on the story of the Lady of Shalott, who who killed herself for love of Sir Lancelot.

    All in all it uses:

    Synful Strings
    VSL violins
    Westgate Woodwonds
    Garittan GigaHarp
    Sam Solo Sessions Brass and Horn effects

    This isn't a final mix quite- there are some little boogers here and there still Feedback welcome!!

    Click here- 8Mb file


    Here are some comparisons of a section of the center of the piece in GOS and Synful- only versions. Remember, the Synful files were done from the same MIDI parts used for GOS without being replayed- only control data taken out- so they sound very bad and should not be taken as a representation of how Synful could have sounded were the part correctly played into it. I did it simply to get a different color under GOS and mixed carefully I think it worked. Please don't listen to the Synful only file and bag on Synful because it sounds bad- it's entirely because of the circumstances. By the time I got around to putting this together my Synful trial period was over. actually, in a strange way the weirdness of the phrasing of Synful under the GOS sound kind of helps. There's always one guy in a section, you know

    GOS only

    Synful only

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    Thumbs up Re: GOS plus Synful demo!

    This is an original piece? WOW ! I really love this. The beginning reminds me of music that one would hear in a Kubrick film. (Fitting considering your Hal 9000 icon!) Also, the vocal spooky bits! This is staying on my hard drive. Absolutely lovely Fred!

    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
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    Re: GOS plus Synful demo!

    Fred, I just LOVE this SOOO much.....one of the best (to suit my taste) that I've heard in quite a time. What a wonderful composition- Synful or no Synful. Is it yours? It's not clear. If it is yours then I wish I had a hat so that I could take it off to you! I don't want to get too carried away....but if this had been attributed to one of the great composers I wouldn't have turned a hair.

    The string sound is slightly more strident than what I normally go for but the sound is excellent and fitting for the piece. I liked the 2001 Space Odyssey type vocals too. Hopefully we'll be able to hear the complete piece at some point.

    Just as an aside, and it's not really anything to do with your piece, I have the following thought which I must add to the new Synful thread.

    Athough the Synful violin isn't perfect (there's sometimes too much 'chiff' at the attack and the vibrato is too much for long held notes) it's the best I've heard so far and doesn't suffer from that occasional mouth organ sound which you still hear in some sampled solo strings....not just violins. I've been listening to, and been annoyed by,the occasionally mouth organ sounding violins for around 20yrs now and it surprises me that it can still be heard in current samples!

    I don't understand why this happens. It can't be a cost or sample size thing as I had a gorgeous cello soundfont from the Sonido Media Orchestra which didn't have even a hint of it....maybe some producers like that constituent part of the string sound....I just don't, ever, hear that sound when listening to real instruments. This has always baffled and frustrated me. Perhaps, as with vision, we all hear things differently!


    Thanks again for sharing that wonderful piece...I'm saving it!

    A small point....I'm finding that my enjoyment of the piece is slightly spoiled by the sound distorting. Perhaps, at some point during the path to the MP3, the level was too high?

    PS This is slightly embarrassing as when I started my post there was no others. I went and had breakfast came back and finished it and posted only to find that Brian had made exactly some of the same points! Anyway, that's consistency in appreciation for you! Anyway Brian should be in bed at this time....it's just not natural....I mean he's not living in Europe! What is it they say?....Oh yes, 'If you're not living in Europe, you're not living'......He He He!!

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    Re: GOS plus Synful demo!

    Fred, from the delightfully grunting double basses to the soaring first fiddles this is a fine piece. Wonderful job! Give up your day job and do this full time!

    My best,

    Larry A.

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    Re: GOS plus Synful demo!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharmy

    there are some very nice compositional moments in here. Overall I enjoyed the piece. You stated there is Synful in here, but between all the libraries used it is difficult to hear what it is doing. Posting an A/B of certain sections in the piece where you use it and then posting the same section where you don't might be of use to people clicking on this thread.
    I had thought of that but I didn't have time last night to do different mixes. I'll try and get an A/B up tonight.

    Thanks for the kind words veryone!! Yes, it's an original piece, but yes, the influences are pretty obvious. It all began as a doodle to play with the strings and I definitely had the style of the Khatchaturian piece from 2001 in mind. Then it took on a life of its own, and going to the Legetti sound at the end will make xense in the context of the big suite this is going in.

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    Re: GOS plus Synful demo!

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry G. Alexander
    Fred, from the delightfully grunting double basses to the soaring first fiddles this is a fine piece. Wonderful job! Give up your day job and do this full time!

    My best,

    Larry A.
    Hey, Tyler!!! I grew up in Longview (many, many moons ago).

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    Re: GOS plus Synful demo!

    I downloaded the synful demo, got to play around with it for about half an hour, then got really busy and the 15 days went by before I had a chance to give it a decent evaluation. In the brief period I played with it, I couldn't get it to sound anywhere near as realistic as some of the demos. It is an interesting concept/process, but I don't think I would shell out that kind of money at this point in time.

    Though if there was a string quartet version for a reasonable price, I just might consider it.

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    Re: GOS plus Synful demo!

    wow Fred. So your demos on synful.com weren't flukes! Beautiful string passages. This is really lovely, and now I know what legetti means!

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    Re: GOS plus Synful demo!

    Quote Originally Posted by metrobot
    This is really lovely, and now I know what legetti means!
    He was a composer of very intense atonal music (or at least, during one period). It's taken 30 years for it to grow on me (that stuff gave me nightmare when I was a kid)

    BTW, sorry but I totaly didn't have time to bring comparisons home to post today, so it will probably be Monday night.

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    Re: GOS plus Synful demo!

    This is very nice, love the beginning strings and when the vocals come in till the end the best.
    But i know what was meant by the comparison with the demos, the demos were good for what they demonstrated, but this is much more musically impressive

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