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Topic: Rewire audio not rendering into Sonar from Gigastudio. HELP!

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    Rewire audio not rendering into Sonar from Gigastudio. HELP!

    Hi there. Another rewire question. I have the latest version of Gigastudio 3 Orch and Sonar 4 running together great on the same computer - each using its own Delta card. I boot up Sonar first and then Giga, then set giga in rewire mode from sonar. The midi plays back perfectly. Wow - Now I'm getting really excited. I then select the midi instrument I want to render and then chooose 'bounce to tracks' The dialog window appears and gives me several options for bouncing. Almost there. I choose my precerence and then I see the processing and the rendered audio track appears! When I magnify the track - THERE IS NO AUDIO! Just a blank wave file What a teaze! I tried several different stratageys like using the same card, different cards, different traks, you name it and nothing works. Sonar is just not talking to Giga 3 when I tryu to bounce. I got the latest Gigastudio 3 Orch and it was supposed to address this but no luck. If anyone might know what the problem is, I would really appreciate the help. I had it working one time with an older version of giga 3, then I upgraded my cpu and now I cant remember how it worked the first time. I'm almost there!

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    Re: Rewire audio not rendering into Sonar from Gigastudio. HELP!

    In cubase you need to be sure that you are monitoring while recoprding/rendering! Maybe that has something to do with your problem i don't know sonar that wekll!

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    Re: Rewire audio not rendering into Sonar from Gigastudio. HELP!

    If you are using 'solo' to select a track, be sure you solo the audio / rewire track too, not just the midi track.

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    Re: Rewire audio not rendering into Sonar from Gigastudio. HELP!

    Ok - I figured it out - all before 10:30 am so I'm already having a good day.

    The midi track with the audio you want to bounce has to have its midi (output) on channel 9 and then it can talk to giga through rewire. The tracks rendered perfectly. I'm very happy with it.
    When you launch giga as a rewire device in Sonar it will create the midi track for you, but I wanted to use my preexisting midi track so thats why it wasnt working because my previous midi track did not have its midi output set to 9. Now the only problem is I can only access only 16 midi channels (Port 1 - 1-16), but thats another topic. I seem to remember reading about that being a limitation with Sonar, but at least I got this far. Maybe I need to create another rewire channel in giga, I'll look into that.

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    Re: Rewire audio not rendering into Sonar from Gigastudio. HELP!

    Now I cant seem to find a way to bounce any of my midi tracks located in G3Ports 2 - 8. Just in G3Port 1. Would anyone have any ideas? I tried Giga VST and it crashes my system. At this point I dont even care about using rewire, I just want to simply record all my tracks into Sonar from Gigastudio.

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    Re: Rewire audio not rendering into Sonar from Gigastudio. HELP!

    I think it has been agreed that sonar only offers 1 rewire port. So ports 2-8 have to be normal, non-rewire ports. You can use gigastudio capture for the sound on those ports, then import the captured file into sonar, or you can set (i think) gigastudio output to be one of the m-audio delta outputs and the sonar audio input as one of THE SAME CARD'S mixer outputs. In sonar, make sure the settings under <O>ptions <A>udio, DRIVERS tab, have the control panel mixer configured as one of the inputs.

    So using the m-audio control panel mixer tab, and the gigastudio output options, and the sonar input options, you can create a routing OUT from gigastudio, IN to the control panel mixer, OUT from the control panel mixer, and IN to sonar.

    This is all on one audio card -- don't know how (or why) to use two audio cards.

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    Re: Rewire audio not rendering into Sonar from Gigastudio. HELP!

    gugliel - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. ~~~ waves of good karma coming your way~~~ It worked great. This solves all my problems. I can now record a big orchestra (all 128) direcly as groups or individual instruments directly into Sonar and it frees up my processor to use Gigapule. No need for rewire or giga vst. I like things simple.
    I can now do everything on a single compuer. I dont mind rendering the audio in real time at all. I have a delta dio but I needed to record audio into the computer so I got the audiophile 192 for that. Gigastudio seems to like having its own card - the latency is better - dont ask me why. THe best part is, I can use the vienna tool! That was a problem with rewire. We'll thanks again! I will sleep well tonight.

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