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Topic: Need Help with Synchronization

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    Need Help with Synchronization

    I think I am having a synchronization problem and I need some advice on how to fix it.

    I have three computers networked running MidiOverLan. The master computer has a Gina24 card, the second and third computers have MiaMidi cards. Each computer has W2k, 2 gigs of ram and at least two hard drives. The second and third computers with the Mia cards are running Kontakt. The first computer runs my sequencer (Cakewalk Home Studio).The third computer is connected via SPDIF to the second computer and the second computer is connected to the first computer (with the Gina24) via SPDIF.

    The Mia cards have the same settings. The SPDIF connection is automatically recognized and the sample rate is locked.

    There are clicks, pops and distortion in the sustain notes of the flute and piccolo of EWQLSO (platinum) when they go from the third computer to the second computer (via SPDIF). When I sustain a note the clicks seem to cycle, almost like a poor looping job. The problem is not in the samples themselves because I plugged my monitors directly into the audio outs of the third computer card and the samples are fine. No clicks or pops. I also routed the digital audio directly from the third computer to the master computer with the Gina24 card (via SPDIF) and the sample sounds fine.

    I swapped sound cards in the second and third computer and the problem remains.

    It seems to occur only with higher pitched notes.

    I'd appreciate your suggestions here.



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    Re: Need Help with Synchronization

    Sounds like you've done some creative spidif daisy chaining. Suprised it works at all. I doubt there's a way to sync up that card set and bring all the audio back digitally pop-free. No word clock and not enough digital for the Gina24 to directly feed 2 MidiMias. But it does have 10 analog inputs. You could connect an analog pair directly to each MiaMidi and clock everything internally.

    If you really wanted to stay digital, the easiest solution would be to change the card in #3 to something with adat io. Then you could feed it to the Gina24's adat while #2 connects to the Gina24's spidif.


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    Re: Need Help with Synchronization



    Can you say more about your suggestion: "If you really wanted to stay digital, the easiest solution would be to change the card in #3 to something with adat io. Then you could feed it to the Gina24's adat while #2 connects to the Gina24's spidif."

    Would you suggest a product for this? I know nothing about ADAT, but I want to keep everything in the digital domain.

    What about ADAt going from the 2nd and the 3rd into the Gina24? Does the Gina24 have that capacity?

    I am quite ignorant about the ADAT input-output suggestion, but if it is the fix, I will consider pursuing it.


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    Re: Need Help with Synchronization

    Let me correct myself and see if I got this right. In order for ADAT to go from the second and third computers to the Gina24 in the first computer, each of the Mia cards would have to replaced? Is that right?

    Tell me more.


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    Re: Need Help with Synchronization

    If you wanted to stick with the Echo line, the Gina3G would fit the bill. It's got improved specs so you might want to put it in #1 and move your Gina24 to #3. I don't use Echo stuff myself anymore, but they were solid solid for me and seem to still have a good rep. Here's a link:


    The adat connectors are optical so you have to be a little more careful keeping them dust and finger-print free. But they give you 8 channels, usually presented as 4 stereo pairs. You can derive clock from them just like spidif.

    BTW, RME is a very popular alternative to Echo boards. Not sure how much change you're ready for but a lot of folks on this site seem to use and speak well of them. Here's a link:


    Note that this one has 2 ADAT inputs. Which would support eventually connecting to both your #2 and #3 machines, 8-channels each. Usually goes for around $400 but I saw a demo one at Sweetwater for a hundred less.

    Yes, if you wanted to do that, you'd have to replace both of your MiaMidis to something with adat i/o. And your master machine would need 2 adat inputs. But if you wanted to start out slow, you could just change 1 Mia to something with adat i/o and leave the other connected to #1 with spidif.


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    Re: Need Help with Synchronization


    Thanks for the info. I'll check those links. Perhaps the Gina3G will be the way to go. That way I will be able to take advantage of the new features in GigaStudio when I upgrade.

    Thanks again.


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