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Topic: R.A.W.Russian Zither (free instrument)

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    R.A.W.Russian Zither (free instrument)

    Hi folks

    This instrument originates from Russia, and is used in some Eastern-European folk music. It includes 4 different playing styles and an ensemble patch combining some of them. Here's an mp3 demo:

    "The Icy Cavern"

    Download the instrument here:


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    Talking Re: R.A.W.Russian Zither (free instrument)

    The gods blessings upon you golden-hearted, musical marvels from the Netherlands. These sound great! Happily donating for your efforts!


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    Re: R.A.W.Russian Zither (free instrument)

    Hey Herman, are these pc-only files? I'm using a mac and trying to use rubber chicken translator to change the gigastudio into an EXS-24. It may be something with my translator, cuz it isn't even seeing the giga file. But if you know right off that this won't work, please advise.

    Lovely demos, btw!! I hope I can get this to work!

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    Re: R.A.W.Russian Zither (free instrument)

    Any Giga 2.5 users who can confirm the file works for them? If so, converting to EXS should work as well.

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    Re: R.A.W.Russian Zither (free instrument)

    Yes, the zither works fine in GS 2.5. Thanks Herman!

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    Re: R.A.W.Russian Zither (free instrument)

    Hey Metrobot,

    Make sure that you uncompress them first with an unRar apps that you can find on Versiontracker.com
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    Re: R.A.W.Russian Zither (free instrument)

    Anyone interested in programming a Kontakt version? ;-)

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    Senior Member Gary M. Thomas's Avatar
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    Thumbs up Re: R.A.W.Russian Zither (free instrument)

    Hello Herman,

    You are so kind to share your wonderful Giga files with all of us. Thanks so much, they really sound great.

    Keep up the good work..... Gary

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    Re: R.A.W.Russian Zither (free instrument)

    There are now Kontakt files available for the Russian Zither and the Thai Mouth Organ:

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    Re: R.A.W.Russian Zither (free instrument)

    Herman -- YOU RULE!!

    Once again, thanks for taking the time to make these instruments and share them with us.
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