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Topic: A few Cubasis questions...please help :)

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    A few Cubasis questions...please help :)

    Hello all,

    I have some questions about Cubasis if anyone is able to help. I've never used any sequencing software before so it is all a bit new to me.

    First of all, should I go out and buy a better sequencing program? (or is the Cubasis 4 which came with GPO good enough?) If so, which sequencers do you suggest?

    and here are the questions regarding Cubasis itself:

    1) In the middle of a song, I want to change tempo and time signature - How do I do this?

    2) Why do the faders on the midi mixer not affect the volumes of the tracks playing back? (even though I can see the VU meters moving) How do I get them to work?

    3) How do I change expression/dynamics of a note or part of a track?

    4) In the space below the track data, I should see the piano roll (I think) but for some reason I can't get it to show up. Any ideas why?

    5) All this talk about CC1 and "events" is confusing (since I am new to Midi and sequencing). Can anyone explain this stuff in an easy-to-understand way?

    Sorry if some of these questions are very simple, I have tried finding the answers by playing around with stuff in the program and reading stuff online but as yet, I'm still stumped! Many thanks to anyone who has the time to help.

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    Re: A few Cubasis questions...please help :)


    You might want to check out the TUTORIAL SONG in the HELP MENU in Cubasis.

    Also, the 366 pages PDF Cubasis Operation Manual situated in the STEINBERG CUBASIS VST 4 folder (on a PC, don't know for Mac) go to


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