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Topic: Is it safe to upgrade yet?

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    Is it safe to upgrade yet?

    I'm considering upgrading from GS 2.54 to GS 3 Orchestra but before I shell out $350 (upgrade price) I would like to know if the current version is pretty stable.
    I never have GS crashes with 2.54 but then again I only use it for piano and a few other instruments at the moment.

    I'm running XP sp2, 1 gig ram, P4 2.53 Ghz, M-Audio Delta 1010 LT, etc...


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    Re: Is it safe to upgrade yet?

    I haven't had a crash with GS3 in months. Last week I played it live at a friend's house for a jam session. Yesterday I used it nearly all day long. Today I've used it for a few hours straight. I find it to be more stable than GS2.5. In each case I've been doing different things with different instruments and effects.

    Of course, some people have troubles with their systems, but that was true for 2.5 as well. I think that will always be the case with PC-based software.


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    Re: Is it safe to upgrade yet?

    well, i'm one of those people whose been having trouble with my upgrade, but hopefully everything is starting to settle down now, and i can get some work done. definitely wait until you have some (non-deadline) time to get everything squared away!

    i think the new added features are worth the trouble, but gigapulse definitely seems like the source of many of the problems to me. and even with a setup that's approaching usuable, i'm getting a lot more crashes than i ever got with earlier versions.

    and to make matters even more confusing, i upgraded 2 practically identical machines, and one had no problems and the other has taken a lot of messing with to get into shape - go figure. . .

    poke around online tho before you buy-you should be able to get the upgrade for less than $350 (around $250).

    John DeBorde

    Composer of Music for Film, TV and Interactive Media

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    Re: Is it safe to upgrade yet?

    Yeah, you should be able to get that upgrade for $250 straight from Tascam. I just did last week. I'm about to install GS3 today, actually. Had to upgrade to Windows XP so the move is extra scary. So far so good though. I usually say if it ain't broke don't fix it. But I wanted GigaPulse.

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    Re: Is it safe to upgrade yet?

    Hmmm $250 from Tascam?
    GS2.5 160 > GS3 Orchestra $249
    GS2.5 96 > GS3 Orchestra $349

    Yeah maybe I forgot to add that I'm currently using GS 2.54 96 so the upgrade would cost me $349. Does the upgrade query your machine to see which version you are running? Or does it go by your CD key? Or by your registration info in the Tascam database?
    Knowing Tascam they probably use all three methods. Hehehe.


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    Re: Is it safe to upgrade yet?

    Oh oops, sorry. I guess I was assuming you had GS 160. They ask for your CD Key so they'll know which you have.

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    Re: Is it safe to upgrade yet?

    OK that's cool. I was prepared to pay $349 anyway so no big deal.


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    Re: Is it safe to upgrade yet?

    Well, after a full day of playing around with GS3, it's been rock solid so far. Used Rewire through Nuendo. Messed around with GigaPulse a bunch, had fun with some of the demo stuff. It didn't give me any problems whatsoever.

    It's only been a day of course, but I just thought I'd share. I worked hard to get my configuration as bare as possible on that computer so there would be minimal conflicts. So much depends on your computer's configuration. Only thing I can recommend is stripping it down to its essentials for music making. That'll give you a better chance of having any software work better.

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    Re: Is it safe to upgrade yet?

    That's good to hear. I haven't had any problems with GS 2.54 96 so GS 3 should behave on my system.


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    Re: Is it safe to upgrade yet?

    I had some problems getting the software to install correctly. I telephoned Tascam, and got a patch from them. Since then, I got everything to work fine without problems. The update patches seemed to have improved things. I am running GS 3.x on win2k, and it works great, no problems.

    I don't care for Gigapulse, but that is another story. It works fine when I work with it.

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