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Topic: New Song for TTO

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    New Song for TTO

    Not many of you will know me I guess... (or remember me ) - I once posted a demo called "Everglades" - I compose for a game so the composition was a bit different I guess... however - I made a new song for the game (which is coming along a treat now I think) and posted it to my site (which somehow I managed to make... don't ask me how I had the time.) But anyway, I'd like the feedback of fellow GPO users on the latest song.
    If you enter and then go to the demos section, it's the first song there. Tell me what you think. (Even moosey on around the site and join the forums if you want ) but still... comments?

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    Re: New Song for TTO

    I'm very impressed!! Good work!

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    Re: New Song for TTO

    Yes!!!! I remember you. I commented on a chat a while ago how your song was one of my favorite GPO pieces of all time. I still listen to it frequently. I'm glad to see you back on the forum and can't wait to hear this one. As a matter of fact, I think I'll listen to Everglades: Day right now.

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    Re: New Song for TTO


    Thanks very much for letting us listen to your work. You're doing a great job - I'm impressed

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    Re: New Song for TTO

    Yay so you do remember me - I'm glad you liked the old piece, the next piece up is for a Rainforest so - expect the same subtle timbre - but thanks very much everyone!

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    Re: New Song for TTO

    Wow! I'm impressed. You have a nice command of GPO.
    When I worked for Sierra On Line as an in-house composer in the early 90's I would have given my left n_t to use such a wonderful tool. Unfortunatley we were saddled with Mt32 and Adlib-style FM (yuk!) for our primary soundsets. We did start using the Roland Sound Canvas when I first got there (which was much better), but the management felt that it was probably a waste of time since most gamers "didn't care about audio" that much and wouldn't invest in such a luxurious sound device. (sorry, I digress)

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    Re: New Song for TTO

    Then Sierra got it all wrong!
    The gaming industry is bigger than the filming industry now, and as games develop the scores are becoming much more important and film worthy... anyway - I for one love old games for their musical charm (such as some of the old Sonic games)... If the music wouldn't have been what it was (Final Fantasy also) then the games themselves would NEVER have been as popular... how many people know the Mario theme tune for example?

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