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Topic: Old Lady GS3 update??

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    Old Lady GS3 update??

    I remember Michiel saying that he would post an update on his site regarding the issue with the C#4-D4 and the distorted or clipped samples.
    I've downloaded the latest update ( cont. pedal ) but the .art file didn't fix the note issue that I'm having..I'm I the only one with that problem??
    There was a previous post that discussed the matter and I remember Michiel saying that he would adress it after the NAMM show.

    any thoughts??

    best regards


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    Re: Old Lady GS3 update??

    No, you are not the only one with the problem. I am not sure what to do about it. the Old Lady has several very bad samples I think, It really hurts the enjoyment of playing the library.

    Mayby there is just not any way to fix something like this after the recording sessions have ended.

    Like you, I look forward to an email telling me that the problems have been fixed.


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    Unhappy Re: Old Lady GS3 update??

    Thanks for your reply gigagagga !

    I hope Michiel wil have some time to look into this.
    It really does take away the pleasure playing that piano. I really enjoy the tone of it but...

    Hey Michiel , If ever you read this post , any fix on the horizon??


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    Re: Old Lady GS3 update??

    They have fixed all the problems but that last one with the high d/c# And i'm sure they're working on it At this point the really glaring notes are much better.

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