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Topic: How much damage am I doing to my computer?

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    How much damage am I doing to my computer?

    When I first got GS3 and Cubase running, I wasn't having any problems at all - things were going very smooth. Lately, I've been seeing some very weird behavior with regards to my CPU, GS3, & Cubase SX3.

    It all started when I was in the middle of a pretty lengthy session. All of a sudden during playback I got an error from Cubase saying that the USB Protection device was not connected. This was followed by another error saying that Cubase needed to close because of the fact that the dongle wasn't being recognized. These two error windows overlapped each other then when I clicked 'ok' Cubase locked up and I heard a strange (annoying) ringing coming out of my speakers - followed by BSOD. I'm new to this 'Blue Screen' thing. Can someone tell me what "dumping of physical memory" means? Doesn't sound good at all.

    From that night up until now, whenever I initially open Cubase to start a new session, just before it's done loading I get a little window with a heading "Giga3 device Error" or something to that effect. In the body of the error window are 2 or 3 characters (if I recall correctly non-alphanumeric). I click 'ok' then Cubase proceeds to open. When I select Devices/Giga3 in Cubase I get a message telling me to close GS3 when it isn't even open. So I close Cubase, open then close GS3, then open Cubase again and I'm able to use GS3 in rewire mode. Upon a fresh boot, if I try to open GS3 before I open Cubase, I get an error telling me that GS3 did not initialize correctly. Either way I have to go through this whole song and dance just to get both programs in sync.

    With all of these errors and crashes and corrupt files, am I doing lasting damage to my computer? Will this thing last or will I try to turn it on one day and get a puff of smoke out of the case signifying the end?

    Hardware -

    Motherboard - ASUS P4C800-E DELUXE CANTERWOOD
    Processor - Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor Prescott 3.2GHz, 800MHz FSB, Socket 478
    RAM - (2) Corsair VS1GBKIT400 1GB Kit DDR400 PC3200
    Videocard - VGA ATIOEM|RADEON 9200SE 128M DDRTV
    Audio Interface - Echo MIA MIDI Digital Audio and MIDI Card
    C:/ (1) 80GB Seagate HD - OS & other crap
    D:/ (1) 120GB Seagate HD - Samples
    E:/ DVD Drive - LITE-ON SOHW812S 8X DVD+-R/RW
    Case - Antec Sonata. Piano black finish (that's at least what one of my co-workers called it).
    Cheap monitor. Forgot the brand but I've got that all important warranty!!!

    Software -

    Windows XP Pro SP1
    GigaStudio Orchestra 3.04
    Cubase SX3
    VSL Performance Tool

    No tweaks of any kind. Maybe I should consider trying them out?

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    Re: How much damage am I doing to my computer?

    This has nothing todo with ruining your computer, i don't know what is happening with your softaware and more important settings and configuration. But don't be afraid that you ruin your computer hardware iit is a matter of software.

    If the whole system turns out to crash (read software) you can always format your comp if necessary ofcourse. But that will be in an emergency situation when nothing but nothing will help you out to run your comp..

    If i read your problems this is anot the case with you.

    Goodluck with seeting up the apps!

    I run GS 3.04 and CubaseSX 3.0.1 perfectly without any problems and yours will also in future!

    Maybe you should try to disable Hyperthreading in your Bios see if that helps!

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