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Topic: Surround Sound users

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    Surround Sound users

    Sorry if this is a bit out of place here but as there seems to be alot of proffesional film scorers on this bord and not many people venture into off topic i thought i had best post here.

    I am researching surround sound technologies for my degree for use in scoring and post production film sound / foley and im just wondering who works in surround here and what equipment you personally use for it (creation platforms, monitoring sytems and encoding)
    also does anybody know of any good web resources or books that have helped them in perfecting their use of techniques in mixing / conventions of instrument placement / mastering in multi channel.

    Finally i am aiming to quickly knock up some test music and foley pieces here at home before moving into the studio for propper production and am wondering what software encoding options i have for making a DVD player compatible surround mix (either AC3 Dolby digital or DTS), the more the better!

    Thank you for your time

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    Re: Surround Sound users

    This discussion went on a short while ago. Not exactly the same thing but might be helpful for you.

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    Re: Surround Sound users

    Rich - a few Google searches will fill in some of your blanks :-)

    It's too enormous and expansive of a topic to cover in a forum reply.

    Also, get this book !!


    Briefly: I use Nuendo for mixing in 5.1 - I have a HHB Circle5 monitoring system. I use the AC3 encoder included with Final Cut Pro, and the Nuendo DTS encoder - mainly to one-off mixes to test at home, and various other spaces. Usually i deliver stems or 6 channel mixes, and the other end does the encoding.

    There are no general rules for mixing ... a highly subjective topic. There are, although, alot of standards for speaker placement, LFE treatment, etc. The Hollman book will help explain those ...

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