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Topic: My first music made for a purpose..help

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    My first music made for a purpose..help

    I don't know if it's right to post this here, but I'd really like feedback and since it's not orchestral or primary using any libraries the demos sections don't seem right.

    I call it an assignment cause it's something I volunteered to do for the film classes at the university, so I said I'd do music for one of their short film attempts, and anyways it's only my second finished music composition ive done..
    The entire short film is only 15 minutes, and the first half is to a song in the background, and the ending is to this

    music only, no voices or talking or other sound. The story is called "Last Goodbyes" it's basically the plot of an orphan boy who starts a friendship with a man who becomes a sort of fill-in father for him, but then dies. This music starts in when they are telling the main character that the man has died, that's pretty much until 0:55, which is where the scene fades to a scene of a funeral, and with fading scenes of the different things which happen at the funeral, speech, lining to say goodbyes, etc. At 1:30 the scene fades to night at a beach, where the character sits by himself staring at the sun, despressed, but then at (1:50) he sees a rock wash up on the beach and realizes it's the same one that he had thrown when the man had been playing with him. He smiles, puts in his pocket and walks away.

    Anyways this is the page:

    So comments/suggestions?

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    Re: My first music made for a purpose..help

    this seems very competent. I think everyone in the class will be very impressed, as this wouldn't be out of place in a professional project.

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    Re: My first music made for a purpose..help

    Here is what I would do, if you are asking for suggestions:

    You have some voices cutting out in the piano, etc. Try to figure out what's going on there and fix it.

    Clean up the string releases a bit, so that you don't have the release envelopes overlapping quite as heavily.

    Push the string components back a bit with reverb, so that the piano is on a more front-oriented plane, with the supporting voices pushed back on the soundstage.

    I think it's quite a nice mood. Mostly, what I hear are little imperfections in the note releases, etc., which don't sound intentional.

    Another direction you might go is to make those unnatural sounding releases even less natural sounding, to purposefully glitch up the piece a bit. Hard to judge without seeing the picture. That is sometimes a very effective path, though.

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    Re: My first music made for a purpose..help

    Thanks for the replies,

    Yes, after listening to it for a while I've noticed the piano releases too. The piano I used has a long, long release time after playing it and sometimes I thought "that should be enough" without actually testing it (I wrote the notes in...i don't have any midi controller ) ...and of course now it's come back to haunt me.. The problem is that when two exact notes are repeated I can't overlap them, so the first ones release sound cancels out so the second can play. I don't know if there's a way to overcome that.

    Thanks for the suggestions, and also comments on the composition would be appreciated too

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    Re: My first music made for a purpose..help

    You wrote the note in without a midi controler?

    Do tell about this process and how you are able to get any expression out of that.

    Does your notation program respond to cresc., decresc. and other dynamic markings. I've never heard of this. What are the capabilites and the short comings.

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    Re: My first music made for a purpose..help

    Yes..with cubase I would draw the notes in the sequencer. If I felt I couldn't get the timing properly I would copy a note, than play the sequence and then press ctrl+p and paste the note at the exact position where it was needed. Then I would listen to the music, than decide which notes should be played quieter than I changed the velocity up and down. For isntance, at the very end it plays notes going higher and higher, and I decreased the velocity for each note. (also the piano lib. i used has seperate sounds for when vcelocity is very high, and when it is very low)

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    Re: My first music made for a purpose..help

    Sweet piece! I'm particularly drawn to it because it reminds me of my favorite film composer. (guess who?) I agree with Bruce's suggestions, especially regarding the string overlaps. They might work as is if you were going for a more ethereal sound using Roland Jupiter-type strings instead of samples.

    I disagree with you about it not being orchestral---what else would you call it? The sounds work very well in this moody setting. What were the sound sources, if not from sample libraries?

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    Re: My first music made for a purpose..help

    I disagree with you about it not being orchestral---what else would you call it?
    Well I don't call it orchestral because it's not really with symphonic instruments, the strings are synth sounds (from Atmosphere).

    Oh and who is your favourite composer? Am I missing some obvious hint in your post?

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